Sea Level Rise and What It Means for Marco | Public

This is the third and final Earth Day lecture for the Marco Arts Center. Guest speaker, Mike Savarese, is Professor of Marine Science at the Coastal Watershed Institute at Florida Gulf Coast University. He spoke to a group of anxious residents after one of those classic summer downpours. The audience heard doomsday words like net … Read more

Charente-Maritime forms its first elite team

This is the meaning of the work that sports institutions are currently doing… This is the meaning of the work currently being carried out by sports organizations and communities, starting with the division, which has just created the first Charente-Maritime Elite team. Yannick Pestafin and Charlene Bacon appear there, along with Sarah Stewart, the double … Read more

Climate change tests Bangladesh farmers’ dependence on rice varieties

Bangladeshi farmers very much grow rice using the government-developed BRRI-28 and BRRI-29 varieties, although there are more than 100 alternative varieties, some of which are more suited to changing climate patterns. Yields decline for these two popular varieties as fertile soils become saltier, drier, or submerged due to extreme weather phenomena. The scientists behind the … Read more

Use Football Manager 2022 to select the next Pochettino team

With Mauricio Pochettino on the verge of leaving Paris Saint-Germain, Athletic The book put forward various arguments to discuss where he should go next. Then we decided to use Football Manager 2022 to take it a step further. The six teams selected are Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli and Athletic Bilbao. With that in … Read more

The eclecticism of the National Dragon Boat: Gerrarmer and Besançon in the fore!

Participants came from all over the northern half of France to win their selection for the National Championship. Nearly 150 competitors from 15 teams took to the Quai de Waremme on Saturday morning for the selective National Dragon Boat, qualifying for the French Championships in Belfort. For two days, Gerrarmer Lake vibrated with the sound … Read more

Which beach resort in Egypt suits you?

Egypt opens its reef coast of 900 km along the Red Sea and 200 km along the Gulf of Aqaba. A dream for diving enthusiasts but not only! Sloth, sport or low budget, our suggestions for all tastes. Eid at the end of the night or absolute calm? Holidays with friends or in a noisy … Read more

Honoring Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities on World Rainforest Day

June 22 is World Rainforest Day, a day to raise awareness and encourage protective action in one of the world’s most extraordinary ecosystems: the rainforest. Healthy forests are one of the most effective climate change mitigation tools for reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, regulating the water cycle, and producing oxygen. In addition to … Read more

What we know about monkeypox

What is happening Cases of monkeypox are increasing in the United States, which increases the global prevalence of monkeypox in countries that do not usually report the disease (where the disease is not endemic). why does it matter While no deaths have been reported in the United States, the control of monkeypox is important to … Read more

Video.Masterclass life jacket: Powerful experience!

Get into the water to understand the benefits of wearing your own jacket and especially the reasons for its shape and idiosyncrasies. A cut from theory to practice with tripboard engineers and lifeguards at sea for a necessary quick-dating between seven readers and a sailor’s best friend: his blazer jacket. Starboard – Powerful Experience! Appearance … Read more