Yakamoz S-245: Series Review

Yakmoose S-245

- Broadcast date: 04/20/2022
- publishing platform: Netflix
- Episodes: 1.01 1.07
- Directors: Umut Aral, Tolga Karalik
- Script book: Jason George, Murat Urkulak, Atasai Koo, Kansu Oban, Sami Berat Marali
- Performers: Kivan Tatlitug, Zji Zpirinci, Ertan Saban, Meri Aral, Ece Acmeoglu, Jiri Hoffmann, Ersene Arici, Albert Salderan, Isim Ozon, Onur Nazzal


With the amazing Turkish series, the horrific world of the Belgian series began At night It continues to evolve with this first season of Yakmoose S-245 Very friendly.

Belgian content creator Jason George, and screenwriter of the original series from which he was inspired Old Axolotl Written by Polish Jacek Dukaj, he decided to create this spin-off to show a second group completely different from those traveling in a plane, who managed to survive this apocalypse thanks to a submarine.

In fact, the sun began to destroy everything in its path and any living creature found exposed to its rays dies almost instantly. So the last humans seek sheltered places or try to avoid the sun during the day in order to survive longer.

The screenplay by Jason George, Murat Urkulak, Atasai Ko, Kansu Oban and Sami Berat Marali goes back to the moment of the solar flare that started it all. So we discover from one side the scientists who practice diving and the soldiers in a submarine will find themselves the only survivors. While the atmosphere between the two groups is not necessarily good, they will have to cooperate to survive the disaster.

So we found out what happened to the inhabitants of the submarine that we were talking about in Season 2 of Into the Night. The latter also ended up showing the cliffhanger that the two groups had finally come together. Series Yakmoose S-245 Thus it allows to have more items in relation to what is happening.

The last episode of this series, which is 7 minutes out of about fifty minutes, ends again in the apotheosis. It would be too surprising if we didn’t find out about the sequel, whether in Season 3 of At nightone second of Yakmoose S-245 Or in a new series that allows different groups to coexist together. Although it can also be done with either address.

The world is also large enough that others have somehow survived, which may give the opportunity to obtain a series of new citizenships that fit into this world. The universe has been struck by a plantar catastrophe.

The series is less international than the series which is a spin-off. In fact, almost all of the characters are of Turkish origin. However, the presence of a German scientist who speaks English also makes it possible to change the languages ​​used. Not to mention that some of the characters speak other European languages.

The explanation is beautiful. The main character, a scientist, is very well played by Kevan Tatlitug, convincing as a humanist. Sometimes zge zpirinci is annoying in the role of competent team leader. Onur nsal is interesting in the role of their best friend. Jerry Hoffman is loved as an alien scientist. Ecem Uzun touches as a student. Meri Aral is impeccable as an intelligence lieutenant. Ertan Saban is great as a submarine captain. And Ece eşmioğlu is superb in the role of the highest-ranking officer.

The work is somewhat convincing. There are many twists and turns, and directing Umut Aral and Tolga Karaelik helps you get attached to characters, situations, and look forward to what comes next. Even if we do not have a strong attachment to heroes, they can easily face a catastrophic fate.

The special effects are not always very good. Some of them are also slightly inverted. However, the submarine is more convincing, since the shooting has already taken place in the heart of one of them. Therefore, such deep water immersion is often especially spectacular.

Season 1 of Yakmoose S-245 So good and makes you really want to know what’s going to happen next somehow. It is also interesting to discover such different series, produced in completely different countries, that offer diverse visions of the same event.

With a still compelling storyline about the attempts to survive the rest of humanity, exciting theater and comedians to relate to, if you liked the original series, don’t miss this one. – This. And if you haven’t seen it, you can hook it up afterwards without hesitation, and the remaining two are, in general, very independent, for now.

Fascinating and immersive.


After a natural disaster, a research biologist on a submarine mission struggles to survive with the crew while a plot unfolds.

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