World Canoeing Championships Kayak: Gourjault is already in good shape

Will he be able to match the bountiful Swiss harvest he finished in the 2018 World Championships in? Four years ago, in Muotathal, Ancelin Gourjault – who was then cast in the two-seater canoe – was decorated with all metal. Team gold, twice, then silver in the sprint, and bronze in the classics. It was just a year after his first major cap with the Blues crowned his first home POW planetary medal. The Billérois then shone on the international deadline, winning a collegiate coronation alongside Quentin Dazeur and Louis Lapointe before taking a promising fifth place.

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This year, for the return of the competition in France (in Treignac, in Correz), the CEO, new from INSA Lyon, boosted his chances of winning (at least) the magic of the eighth world by choosing a two-seater where he associates with Nicolas Sottor but also a seat One where he will face his teammate. “We’re moving on whether it’s a classic or a sprint. But it’s fair game. On the one hand, we were able to ignore him at C2 and drag ourselves instead of the legs at C1,” smiles Béarnais.

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Moreover, during qualifying that started on Friday morning, the two friends played the group in C1 to finish neck and neck (third and fourth) in the French-Czech fifth led by the tricolor Quentin Azur (19 world crowns on the counter). “I am very happy with my run although I had some difficulties getting into the top of the course,” sums up Ancelin Gourjault. This resulted in a third place finish with seven tenths of the lead suggesting a choice place in Saturday’s final.

In C2, France captured the lion’s share, taking the full third place. The Dazeur/Santamaria pair Dauphin had trouble, however, the Béarno-Toulouse duo had little trouble expressing themselves fully and setting up their navigation system. “We had difficulty with certain passes and we will obviously have to review some elements and do a better job if we want to hope to win.”

After the sprint finals (down 1’30) on Saturday, the Internationals will compete in the Classic, with an effort of about 18 minutes, on Sunday. Although this is not his favorite discipline, the Bernese had a promising performance during the French championship last month. Enough to herald some great medals at the end of the weekend.

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