When the refloated wreckage reveals some of its secrets

On January 15, 2004, off Cape Lizard, in Cornwall, in southern England, the weather forecast was “drivable”, that is, correct in the sailors’ vocabulary. The Bogald Briza Powerful, efficient and experienced crew. However, at 12.25 pm, the Breton fishing vessel was suddenly taken to the bottom with its five sailors. Only two bodies were recovered. what happened ?

Very quickly, a rumor spread in Loctudy, the main port of the trawler at Finistere: What if the person responsible for the shipwreck was a submarine? There is nothing fanciful in the premise: 11 “shaking” submarines with fishing boats (which did not cause any casualties), for example, were identified between 1970 and 1991. They were seen flying over the area; During the search, a submarine was photographed on the surface … The next day, the Brest Naval Prefecture revealed the conduct of an anti-submarine warfare exercise organized by NATO. Code Name: Aswex 04.

(False) Command of a Rogue Cargo Ship

However, the first shift would cast suspicion elsewhere. A French Navy researcher with cameras monitors the wreck of the ship Bogald Briza Lying 90 meters. On his right side a strong influence. It allows you to imagine boarding a large cargo-type ship. The perfect culprit was found, but two months after the drowning, the bullets turned out to be wrong…

Six months later, the investigation will mark a turning point. After a major demonstration organized by the families of the disappeared, the judicial system finally gave its consent to salvage the wreckage, a delicate and costly operation. On July 10, 2004, a Bogald Briza Returns to port with the body of a third sailor…

This wreck, the magazine “Sensitive Affairs” managed to photograph it at the naval base in Brest. They appear on hold, not one, but two identical signs of depression. One on each side, port and starboard. Director So the hypothesis of a collision with a rogue cargo ship, which would have penetrated the hull only from one side. These two depressions were actually caused by the internal collapse of the reservation, under the influence of water pressure and sinking speed.

The submarine hypothesis has returned to the surface

For families, it is clear that the premise of a rogue cargo ship will only divert them from the course of the submarine. It remains to determine who was going to drag the Breton fishing vessel to the bottom … Could it be the submarine that was seen during the rescue operations? This is a Dutch class submarine Dolphin. The map published by the Maritime Prefecture places it, half an hour after the tragedy, only 20 kilometers from the sinking area. Was it on the surface or submerged? Could it be under Bogald Briza when it sank? The captain claims that he has always been sailing on the surface since morning, but it contradicts the testimony of an English fisherman who was present during the rescue …

Later , Dolphin She refused. Its course was reconstructed by an expert, a former submarine, according to the navigation log: it turned out that the submarine constantly remained at a distance from the submarine. Bogald Briza, before changing course when he warned him to drown, 12:53 p.m. The mystery remains…

Excerpted from “Bugaled Breizh: Shipwreck in Troubled Waters,” an investigation to appear April 4, 2022 in “Sensitive Affairs,” a journal presented by Fabrice Druelle and co-produced by France Télévisions, France Inter and INA according to the original. Radio France Inter.

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