Water Polo (D3): Syring predicts a victorious return to her pool against La Louvière B

For his big comeback in the poolAnd ESN Syringpenultimate in D3, Hosted by La Louvière Barranged a little before them Six points ahead but one game more. The two teams respond to each other first two minutes and 30 minutes after the opening match with Lambert Latour’s score for Syring and then Valentin Bouillon’s equalizer for Alveroira. Mathieu Juliette then made it 2-1 for Sérésiens after a well-executed counterattack before the end of the first half.

Then, the locals would widen the difference in the second half thanks to a penalty kick converted by Stefan Heinau (after a foul by Louverois Baptiste Fagot) and then a second goal by Mathieu Juliet. That’s before Tim Chaveber scored 4-2 just before the end of the first half. In those first two periods, Syring’s realism and the numerous reviews of goalkeeper Guillaume Cannor particularly countered the lack of success of Louviérois (which continued after the break) who saw three shots at the post.

But the visiting team returns well after the end of the first half. Syring and La Louvier respond with the goals of Valentin Bouillon and Cedric Conrad. At 5-3, Lenny Vandermeulen and Stephan Remy let La Louvière back to 5-5 in the third period.

So the fourth and final period promises to be decisive. Seraing returned to the front via Conrad before another equalizer by Baptiste Fagot for La Louvière. But it was the Ceresians who would actually come out in this duel. Locked in goals by Loïc Dor and then Thomas Juliet The final score is 8-6 in favor of ESN.

Syring knows us well, they know how to manage our strengths and weaknesses‘, admits Stephane Remy, captain of La Louvière Water-Polo ENLWP B.”The big difficulty we had was making our shots tangible, we had a lot more shots on goal than them but the problem is not in framing them but in putting them in the net.

It was a fairly balanced start to the game, we quickly took advantage and then they also came back to score and then we managed to take a two-goal lead, generally when we have a little bit bigger gap than ‘relaxing a bit’, says Cedric Conrad, ESN Seraing Wing. “Straight away, they’re back to 5-5. It got denser in the water, it was spreading all over, it was puffing versus puffing. It’s true that in the end, we were able to separate ourselves a little bit physically, on the counterattack we managed to annoy them a little bit. Physically, they had big tires, so sometimes it was hard to consistently take advantage of the front. It’s my second win of the season especially for our return to the pool, it’s really a good time.

With this success, With this, Syring won his second victory in the tournament For his return to the Olympic swimming pool which would clearly have brought him luck on Saturday. The team goes back three lengths of La Louvière B.Still with one game less.

Joachim Gil


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