water polo | Canadian teams qualify for the World Championships

Canada’s top water polo teams have made a successful return to competition. The women’s team has already won the silver medal and the men’s occupation 4be During the FIFA Intercontinental Cup held from March 7 to 13 in Lima, Peru.

Posted on March 15th

These results guarantee their participation in 19be The World Championships take place in Budapest in June and the World League Final in July. The women’s team had a near-perfect performance in its first tournament since the Tokyo Olympics, suffering just one loss in six matches, against the gold medalists of Australia.

The Canadians even scored a 6-5 victory over their eternal American rivals.

Despite this successful return to competition, head coach of the women’s team David Paradillo stated that there is still a lot of work to be done in anticipation of the World Championships in Budapest and the FIFA World Cup Final. “Our performance did not live up to our expectations,” he commented. We were able to lay the foundations for our development as a team without finding the level of cohesion and order hoped for during the week.

“However, five new athletes had the opportunity to gain experience by playing their first major international tournament, which will be crucial to the long-term development of our program.”

The men’s team also competed in its first tournament since the end of the Olympic Games in Tokyo and set a record with four wins and three defeats.

Despite their modest record, the men’s team competed against their opponents in every match, providing strong opposition to the three medal winning teams.

“I am very proud of what this team and this program have accomplished in Lima. This is the first time that the men’s program has qualified for the World Championship or the World League Final since 2017, commented coach Patrick Otten.

“What impressed me most about our team is this collective ability to share defensive responsibilities on one side of the pool while providing a balanced attack in the offensive zone. I am excited about the potential of this team.”

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