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Poitevin’s water polo game revived in September 2020 inside the Aquatic Cep Poitiers, she entered the competition only last fall but is racing atop the National Pool 3.

Claire Brugger

Eight wins – including last Saturday at Niort 11-8 – and one defeat since October! The bet won against the Aquatic Cep Poitiers polo players who started from nothing or almost at the end of 2019 (Le 7 n° 501). Today, the team, mixed and voluntarily trained by Damien Lowell, is currently first out of seven in National Pool 3. It has revived water polo that was practiced until 2018 at Stade poitevin (National 2). To achieve this, they were able to draw on the sense of hospitality of the young synchronized swimming Cep Poitiers, which was founded in 2016 and became, on the occasion of their arrival in September 2020, the Cep Poitiers Aquatic. “They were about twenty people who were enthusiastic and had a mentality close to ours.”According to Eric Zero, president of a club with today 105 members, the health crisis has suddenly weakened synchronized swimming classes by…40%.

On the water polo side, the workforce is around forty people, in competition and entertainment together. In any case, during training, on Saturdays from 3 pm to 5:30 pm at the Joël-Potreau pool (excluding match days) and Thursday evenings from 9 pm to 10 pm at the Ganterie, everyone is in the same pool. The majority of polo players are between 20 and 30 years old, with the oldest in the group turning 60. About fifteen participate in the competition and take turns to ensure four times eight minutes of the match.

club strengthening

“In synchronized swimming as in water polo, our key word is fun”Eric Zero confirms. So surely, given their results, polo players can reasonably dream about play-offs, maybe even National 2…just dreaming. “Whatever happens, we will not go up. The goal for the next three or four years is to unite the club.” Poitiers watery doesn’t want to skip the stages. “We want to support the club financially and humanly, which works only with volunteers, says the chief. To evolve at level 2, the budget is not the same. We cannot afford it at the moment and would prefer a water polo school for 11-15 year olds. »Knowing also that the club is already preparing in both areas “Development of Sports for the Disabled”.

So Aquatic Cep Poitiers is an atypical club and Eric Zero claims this difference. “At the competition level, we have no goal. As president, I don’t put any sporting pressure on it, just to have everyone smile when they leave the pool.”

Follow club news on the Aquatic Cep Poitiers Facebook page. The next third national water polo match, Saturday, is at home against La Rochelle.


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