Waltham is back on the front lines

L ‘Louis Ferdinand Céline wrote in his novel that history does not iron dishes From one castle to another It was published in 1957. Coincidentally, that year saw the Twilight Watch Factory and Waltham. This name would likely be remembered only by experts and specialists of the Martial Universe. However, it is already a home that ranks among the pioneers in the watch industry. Founded in 1850 in Massachusetts, it created innovative industrial processes specifically based on automation. These methods quickly secured the reputation of the pieces produced in their workshops: clocks, clocks, railway chronometers, as well as aviation instruments, speedometers, compasses and other precise accessories. Waltham also excelled in international chronometer competitions. In 2022, history presents him with a new opportunity.

Baptism of fire in the trenches

Of the approximately 40 million pieces that have come out of Waltham’s workshops over the decades, a watch was used by US Army soldiers during the 14-18 war. Dubbed the Field & Marine, it claims the title of the first truly water-resistant, dust- and water-resistant watch. Those who seek today to return its former glory to Waltham argue: “A double rivet was invented by the American Charles L. They determined that this inventor also created a tool, which he named chuck key, intended to compress the frame and the back of the case to ensure optimal water resistance. They confirmed that “all current water-resistant watches, especially those for diving, hail from Waltham Field & Marine, making use of Depollier technology.”

Precursor to current standards

In honor of this past, Swiss watch house Watch Angels supports the return of the 2022 Field & Marine Vintage Edition, as its directors explain: “Nothing is more difficult than reissuing a watch that marks history by making it relevant to the current. It was easy to reissue the exact same watch, But Waltham had not designed it in the same way with modern technology. For this reason, the logic of the original innovation as well as the design codes were preserved, but executed according to the standards and sensibilities of today. The goal was to create a futuristic item for collectors, not just a copy of the 1918-19 watch Concretely, the crown imagined by Charles Depollier finds the light through a similar but perfect locking system The crown is attached to the case using a bayonet system, while the brass lever indicates whether the lock has been carried out correctly Existing manufacturing methods have made it possible to increase the resistance of Water to 300 metres, by professional diving watch standards.

3-hand or GMT version

The new Waltham Field & Marine automatic system is available in two versions. Or in a 3-hand/date version with the Sellita SW200 movement housed in a 41mm diameter case. Or with the dual time zone indicator and power reserve functions, provided by the Soprod C115 caliber housed in a 43mm case. And if the different dial colors are in keeping with current aesthetic trends, the general ethos of the collection remains delightfully classic, as do the leather or canvas straps. Waltham is back, home founders David Davis, Ed Howard, and Aaron Lufkin said.

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