Vocational training: ISGE-BF lifts the veil on the engineering profession

The Higher Institute of Electrical Engineering of Burkina Faso (ISGE-BF), organized, on May 7, 2022, the third edition of the 24 Hours Program for Engineer. The objective of this engineer day is to educate young people about the engineering profession and its role in the company as well as post-training career opportunities. On this day, participants from several preparatory schools gave a presentation of the engineering course as well as high-level panels on employment opportunities in companies operating in the electric and digital energy sectors in Burkina Faso.

For Innocent Compaoré, Managing Director of ISGE-BF, engineers are essential to the development of any country. We need engineers to build our roads, to build our infrastructure like bridges and buildings so that they don’t collapse. We also need engineers to ensure industrial development, solve problems in the supply and distribution of electric power and ensure digital transformation in Burkina Faso, he explains, without forgetting to add the slogan “No engineers, no development”.

Innocent Compaore, Managing Director of ISGE-BF.

However, the observation is that the training of engineers is not very developed in Burkina Faso, and there are few engineering faculties. Also, many young people who could embrace this profession do not always have the correct information about where to train and what the job opportunities are. And it is this lack of information that comes to fill the 24 hours for the engineer, by enhancing participants’ knowledge of the content of the engineer’s training as well as the possibilities of professional inclusion.

And so they were treated in a presentation of the engineering course, given by Alexis Nagalo, Educational Director of the ISGE-BF Design Engineering course. He returned to the areas of activity that an engineer could practice, the good reasons for becoming an engineer but also how to choose the engineering school in which he would train.

The speakers spoke with the youth.

At the end of this presentation, prospective future engineers were able to participate in a high-level panel on the topic “Job Opportunities and Human Resource Qualification Needs in Enterprises in Electric Power and Digital Technology in Burkina Faso”. This session, moderated by seasoned and experienced engineers, sensitized the participants about potential avenues of employment that will be explored at the end of their training. ISGE-BF-trained design engineers also shared, for the occasion, their experience regarding professional integration.

As a reminder, ISGE-BF was established in 2016 on the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina Faso and 17 companies, in order to meet the needs of qualified human resources in the fields of industrial electricity, computer networks, telecommunications and industrial maintenance. The institute has already placed three promotions for design engineers in the labor market, who have been able to fit into the professional environment.

Armelle Ouedraogo Yaméogo


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