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Long confined to places of honor in kayak slalom, last week, in Vaires-sur-Marne, became a national champion for extreme kayaking, an emerging discipline that will make its Olympic debut in two years…

Long locked in places of honor in kayak slalom, last week, in Vaires-sur-Marne, he became a national champion for extreme kayaking, an emerging discipline that will make its Olympic debut in two years. A nice twist of fate for Charentais.

This is the new system “Great fun”And “Very visible” ‘Not really extreme’ Compared to the extreme real rowing – where Ruellois Thibault Dufour shines – he rearranges the cards for the Olympic runner-up.

When it’s enough to be strong on the paddle stroke, to take the correct water motions in a slalom, extreme paddling calls on other criteria. “There’s part of the strategy, it’s opening up.” Note the angiozoins.

Line up on all fours, fall off a cliff falls It is 2 to 3 meters high. The boats must circle four green buoys and make two stops. “We even have the right to call,” Théo Desvignes rejoices.

a bit of a coincidence

All this also leaves room, more or less, for chance. “There are very good men who are not so lucky.” Like the new specialist in the specialty, Benjamin Renya, “Who did wrong” after failure in the semi-finals, Charentais explains in gold. “It shows that you have to remain very focused.”

So far, Charentais had to settle for fourth place last year at the Bourg-Saint-Maurice Tour in the N1 competition. “It is frustrating but there is such intensity!”, The person concerned sighs.

A pure product for Charente training, Angoumoisin Plateau started kayaking in his early childhood. “My father took me to Spain on a river very famous for its kayak makers, Noguera Pallaresa.”

He was registered at the age of eight at the Gond-Pontouvre Club, and a few years later emigrated to the banks of the Charente and Angoulême. “It was closer to home and more dynamic », denotes the student who is still licensed there.

Educated at Jules Michelet and then Guez de Balzac, he continued his progress at the Hope Center in Angouleme. “Then I spent two years studying at La Couronne at STAPS Sports Management before leaving to check my degree in Toulouse.” A year before studying and working In Masters 1 near Pau to take advantage of the Olympic Basin.

Currently in his final year of his master’s degree, he was at the headquarters of the Canoe Kayak Confederation, in Vaires-sur-Marne, where his last apprenticeship took him” Supporting tourism structures and development “.

There he meets another Charentais, Nicolas Labat, Martin Thomas’ coach, a Federal Reserve employee since the beginning of the school year.

He trains twice a day in the Olympic pool. “Even on weekends, I find it difficult to cut. There is always something to work on.”

And one goal looms large: the European Kayaking Championships, in Slovakia, from May 21-29. Followed by two rounds of the World Cup in Prague (9-12 June) and Krakow (16-19 June). Three mock tests will determine what happens next. “Either I see I’m participating in it and insist on the Olympic qualifiers about which we know nothing at the moment. Or, I’m away, and I let it go.” Théo Desvignes knows what he wants.

A great future hero in Aubeterre

At Charente we also shine in CK Small Clubs. In Aubeterre, Hugo Bellisier, 15, has just been crowned the French junior champion in downhill skiing at Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur (Hautes-Alpes). And even twice since then along with his club buddy, Clara Braard, they have won the gold medal in the mixed two-seater/beginner canoe. Early talent is not uncommon for Aubeterre, even if she isn’t the first Young National Champion. “We had Noémie Poitou in 2006. Then in 2007, Chloé Trachet was on the podium,” Remembers coach Thomas Deusart. Based in Orival, Hugo Pellisier landed the club one day in 2015. With us we do what we want. We have no obligation to compete, and that usually comes later. But he wanted to do it right away. » with quick success. “In the division and in the region, he made a lot of podiums or fourth places.” the boy “set” And therefore “Not sick” According to Thomas Deusart, Hugo Bellisier was able to spend his time sailing to start the school year on the Pole of Hope in Angouleme by order of Marceau Faget. “This season, he’s really improved,” His coach for life notices. Hence, the rise of the force culminated in the first national title. who might invite others. “I think he has real room for improvement.” In any case, all this brings joy to the club. “After the fire (October 2019)It was hard to let go. It’s good there.”

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