Vendée-Globe on the horizon for Sète captain Nicolas Roger

With his team, he just launched, repaired and refurbished the Imoca 60 he purchased. All this is financed by the sale of his sail, which will be painted by the famous Sète painter Hervé Di Rosa.

Vendée-Globe 2024? He wants to complete it in less than 100 days. “With this boat, we’re doing less than 100”Nicolas Roger confirms.

The 42-year-old captain of Sète is already close to his dream of sailing around the world on his own. He who announced in November 2021 his challenge to participate in the race, by financing the project in an artistic way, cut in May the first symbolic starting line. On Thursday the 19th, the monohull “Tomorrow is far away” (song title for the band IAM) was released at the port of Sète. “I am fully aware how lucky we are”believes the person who, with constant earnestness and a team of professional friends, in the process “Childhood dream come true”.

This Imoca 60, formerly “Campagne de France” (architect Owen – Clarke) had previously saw the girder, rudder and 29m mast disassembled for the necessary checks and work. Mateo Casanas, coach and the rest of the team working at the pier.

Brassence on the crossbar

With project colors. Red and blue, with a logo signed by famous Sète artist Hervé Di Rosa on the chassis. The 4-ton model also became Sète. This time, it was artist Tony Boss who drew Brassens riding a tuna…

Funding (budget 4 million euros) has not yet been completed. There are still parts from 300 AD2 of sailcloth (€20,000 per square metre)2) Sign up for Hervey De Rosa (contact here). The actual painting of the sail should begin in June at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Set. A certain technology has been developed to allow the creation of the work.

Another aspect of the project: Engagement with the Sittwa Youth. The first contacts were made with the Académie de Montpellier and at the beginning of the academic year in September 2022 the sea winds will also blow in the schools.

Take charge of the boat

But long before that, Nicholas Roger would begin sailing the Mediterranean, making his modifications, and christening his monocoque (during June). “The most important thing is to take the boat in hand”, He says. It is indeed necessary to gain experience, in terms of setups and sails in particular, to prepare for the many races that will precede the Vendée-Globe. Including Rhum Road, in November 2022. Everything should follow very quickly, number 50 of the Vendée-Globe is already on full display on deck and sail.

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