Vanina Pauletti, French kayak hopeful, slams with a blade towards Paris 2024

Last year, Vanina Paoletti competed in her first Olympic Games in rowing in Tokyo. She talks about her Olympic Games experience, her career as a young kayaker and her goals for Paris 2024. Meet.

Vanina Paoletti, 24, remembers qualifying for her first Olympics as if it was yesterday. ” It was an incredible moment because a year and a half ago I would have never believed. I made great progress during 2020 and improved my times significantly. ‘, recalls the French.

She was able to share this moment with her loved ones who have accompanied her since her first rolls. ” I remember as I crossed the line seeing my family, my friend, my best friend who was right there on the edge of a cliff. It was an incredible thing to share with the volunteers and people who have supported me since I was young Says the kayaker.

Kayaking: a family affair

Originally from Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (Val-de-Marne), Vanina Paoletti grew up in a family of kayakers. In her words, her parents “met on the water.” ” My mother was a sports doctor and my father was a kayak instructor. The two sisters have kayaking internationally in another discipline, rapids Vanina Pauletti says.

In her youth, she imitated her sisters and began paddle boarding and then jogging. She practiced both disciplines on Team France during her early years. But in the beginning of her later years she preferred to focus specifically on road racing. ” It’s an Olympic discipline, there’s a team spirit that I love. In road racing, there are eight singles and four seater ones. There’s really the idea of ​​making a crew together, that’s a nice thing. »

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Rowing from morning to evening

With an average of 20 hours of training per week, kayaking occupies a large part of Vanina Paoletti’s daily life. To prevent this practice from becoming too boring, coaches offer him other activities. ” Our coaches make sure workouts aren’t too boring. We do a lot of sports, especially during winter: cycling, running, cross-country skiing. »

Nearby, kayaker takes a few cultural walks to the theater and listens to lots of music. ” I listen to a lot of musical styles. Disiz la Peste’s latest album isn’t really bad! Vanina Paoletti advises. Kayaking is in my head from morning to evening, so it’s nice to get some air from time to time. »

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kayakers and podiatrist by training

I graduated in Podiatry in July 2020, and this medical major is of great benefit to Vanina Paoletti in her practice. Furthermore, his dissertation at the end of studies focused on “improving foot rails in kayaks for line racing.” ” It helped me a lot with the anatomical and physiological aspect, and I learned a lot from it, especially about improving performance. ‘ asserts the French.

Having practiced kayaking, Vanina Paoletti was unable to practice foot therapy, a job that required a lot of time. ” It’s a liberal practiced profession and I wouldn’t have found a wise balance. After a few difficult months, Vanina Paoletti is now a seconded employee to the Ministry of the Interior. ” I get paid but I don’t do 100% of my work. It allows me to continue training. »

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Paris goal 2024

After spending five years training at the French pole in Cison-Sevigne (in Brittany), Vanina is now training at the French Olympic and Paralympic poles in Ferris-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne). It is also this same city that will be hosting the canoeing and canoeing events at the 2024 Olympics.

Paris 2024 looms, the young kayak maker has a better understanding of the upcoming Olympics thanks to her first try in 2021. I was very grateful to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Knowing a little about the atmosphere really brings added value to those beyond. It gives fangs to the future. Called up to the French national team by the French Canoe-Kayak Confederation on Thursday, April 28, 2022, Vanina Paoletti will compete in two World Cups: in the Czech Republic (20-22 May) and in Poland (23-29 May).

Image credit: Armelle Courtois

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