On Sunday, May 22nd, the Rando Canoë Kayak Association organized a discovery day in the lake and Vallabrègues start-up basin.

The Rando Canoe Kayak Association organized a discovery day in Vallabage on Sunday. (Photo: S.Ma/ObjectifGard)

Created by Eric Gonzalez in 2015, Rando Canoë Kayak aims to educate and educate its members about the aquatic environment that surrounds them. ” By recognizing an environment that enables us to control our fearsHe explained the founder and president of the Valabrigant Society, which now has about fifteen members. Regularly, they go on a walk on the water either in the sea, in a river or on a body of water, but also on a picnic, as well as on an adventure on a 130-kilometer path that is completed in one week. After Menorca in the Balearic Islands, canoeists and kayakers will tackle the Loire River in July. Their mission, since they were accepted, is to travel about 25 kilometers per day.

Visitors get to experience many kayaking sports including paddle boarding. (Photo: S.Ma/ObjectifGard)

But on Sunday, May 22nd, Team Rando Canoë Kayak gathered around Lake Vallabrègues to present their activities, as part of Operation 1000 Paddles launched by the French Kayak and Sports Federation. Much better than listening to long speeches, visitors are invited to test multiple boats such as paddle boarding, kayaking, Canadian paddleboarding (…) on Lake Phalabrige. The bravest slid down the waterfall into the starting pool. Nohan, 9, and his sister Luan, 12, loved the experience. And their mother, Chloe Arno, was very proud of that. Others have challenged themselves on the short slalom track.

Eric Gonzalez, founder and president of Rando Canoë Kayak. (Photo: S.Ma/ObjectifGard)

Furthermore, Eric Gonzalez hopes to see it develop. The latter had launched the project with the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, which took care of cleaning the banks and developing the threshold. ” There should have been three thresholds, with islands in the middle, but this case is not progressing”, regrets the President of the Association. Next year, Rando Canoë Kayak will organize a day on the theme of the Nature Festival.

Stephanie Marine

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