UPVD discovers the sea floor in Port-Vendres

Last week, students of UPVD (University of Perpignan via Domitia) in Masters 1 and 2 studying at Cresem (Center for Research on Societies and Environments in the Mediterranean) under the direction of Martin Galinier, at the Port-Sell site.

Under the supervision of Karim (Center for Marine Ecosystems Research) established in Anse Gerbal under the supervision of Philippe Lennefant, Physician in Biological Oceanography, IB Dive Supervisor and First Assistant Gilles Saragoni, Research Engineer at CNRS, Responsible for Diving at UPVD, 16 Interns They are firmly preparing for jobs in underwater archeology as part of the course “Archaeology and Maritime Heritage Preservation”.

pictures, pictures

In the presence of Jean Secker, Chair of FFESSM’s Commission for Underwater Archeology in the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, speaking on Aresmar and Subcam archaeology, these enthusiasts of marine history and heritage learned the basics of an excavation site in an aquatic environment.

“Every year, for the past five years, with the exception of the year of Covid of course, we have created a mock site so that students can train in the best conditions. Hence, the tracking and handling of a motorized pump and underwater vacuum cleaner for students have benefited from good training, no experience It is dispensable and perfectly suited to their course of study.” Jan Secker explained.

With the help of Kevin Poinson, a science diver with a degree in archeology, Gilles Saragoni explains : “Here our specialty is marine ecology but we use the same techniques in terms of scientific diving for archaeologists. Our priorities are the same: safety above all, regulations and then come photo and video techniques and load-lifting…whether working on Posidonia or shipwrecks”.

Attentive, and at the same time in a hurry to get to the water, the students were not ashamed of their happiness to encounter techniques that would allow them to discover the debris still sleeping on the sea floor.

“I have always been passionate about the sea and history, Jade admits the first year. In Art History and Archeology, I took a course in Underwater Archeology, the impetus that gave birth to my passion. Since the first year, we have had the opportunity to go to Israel in a school camp, and this summer we will be diving in Koliori. ” Roussillon education which attracts young people from all over France, this science module is offered only at UPVD.

To wrap up the photos, these days came to a head during the Underwater Photography and Archery symposium led by Laurent Minot, World Champion in Underwater Video.

Underwater marine heritage in good hands.

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