Two iconic Vermont organizations take it

Ben & Jerry’s claims it will cut greenhouse gas emissions at 15 dairy farms to half the industry average by 2024. The University of Vermont Medical Center says it will achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

It is a coincidence that two of Vermont’s main institutions make climate change announcements within days of each other.

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Ben & Jerry’s said in a news release that dairy ingredients account for more than half of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions, therefore focusing on dairy farming to reduce its carbon footprint.

A pilot project, dubbed Project Mootopia in Ben & Jerry’s whimsical style, has three goals:

  • Manage methane-producing cow burps through high quality forage feeds, including digestive aids.
  • Reducing methane emissions from animal waste by using digesters and separators, thereby reducing the need for commercial fertilizers.
  • Plant more grass and other forage crops to maintain soil health, absorb more carbon and increase pasture use, thereby increasing the percentage of homemade feed.

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