Treignac World Downhill Championship 2022 – Choices

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Since Friday, Vézère has been the stage for France’s downhill team selections. Just over a month from the great world block, it’s time for the last competitive training on the legendary river. Three races have been held and another one wins his ticket and competes in these world championships on his own home soil.

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Laura Fontaine He once again won the classic after dominating the debates in his first two events by winning Elsa Joubert It is also qualified. Laura Fontaine’s Grand Slam race wins in style by advancing Margot Baziat Eighteen seconds on the first classic. Helen Raguén, fourth in the first two events behind the identical trio (Fontaine-Joubert Peziat in the sprint), was third in that third race.

one man boat

Quentin d’Azur King of Runners

Strasbourg Quentin Dazeer One of the regulars in the French national team has made his mark in the Vizier Valley. He won two sprint races, enough to motivate him for the fast-approaching world championship. Nicholas A jacket, glove, or jumper Twice a second in the sprint also secures a helmet for the French team.

Nicholas Soutor twice in the sprint © Matthew Becker

Théo Come as a team, more than one place at the table of the Knights of the River

Anceline GorgoltAnd Stephen Santamaria and youth Charles Veron They appear to be the main protagonists of the last ticket that will be played tomorrow. Today no one drowned eighteen minute mark, Who will be able to do this tomorrow to try to win?

Two-seater men’s boat

Troubady / Moret and Sauteur / Gourjault the fastest in the sprint, Santa / Dazeur dominant in the classics

Troubade/More won the first race, while Sotor/Gorgault won the next day. The Santa/Azur duo was uncontested for the classics. He’s ahead of Combe/Monjanel by over forty-five seconds. This risks a tough battle between Comp/Monganiel, Basernig/Berio and the Rossin brothers for last place in tomorrow’s playoffs. ????

kayak man

“Ripol” makes the surprise, replies in spirit the next day

Augustin Ripoll wins first race against all leaders

Augustine insurgency The men’s kayaks were surprised to beat all the leaders in the class. We were mainly expecting Maxness in spirit where Felix Buffettbut it is the young Joinville member Le Pont who will stop the cell as soon as Friday. Maxness in spirit Dolphin insurgency The day before, he easily won the second race by a second and a half. Augustin Ripoll occupy second place, Paul John The third, as in the first race. Luca Baron Vice world champion sprint last year was not in the game this time, will not see the world championships in France.

Maxines Barouh © Matthew Becker

Felix Bouvet returns to victory in Treignac, who will be D’Artagnan from Reboul, Barouh and Bouvet?

Felix Buffett triumphs in the first classic | © Matthew Becker

Felix Buffet who already won the Classic World Cup at Treignac in 2019??? , He was again the fastest on the course. He’s one second ahead of Maxence in spirit Already qualified and therefore guaranteed to be with the Blues. Quentin Pontine, the 2014 world champion in running and back to the river after several years in road racing, placed third. Only Ardèche seems to be able to follow the pace in spirit And BuffettBoth are already qualified. Tomorrow he will definitely have the heart to choose himself with the path so he will also have to resist Paul John Leading an impressive lineup of competitors looking for the three-color jersey left after this first and penultimate classic race.

kayak lady

Dobra ensures his selection, and Tara Ense ran for the first time towards the French team

Venezia Dobras © Quentin Valdenier

Venice Dobras Everyone agreed to race the 2019 World Sprint Champion first, ensuring that she is also a worlds champion at home. The next day is Tara Ince Who won his first pick with the Blues, by a small margin of 100 Manon Hostins Back in white water after Rio and Tokyo, on the way to Paris. Moreover, the frustration won’t last long for Peregorden who won the classic the day after the short races. Claire Brin He’s second in this first classic, and he’ll have to win on Monday to wear red, blue, and white.

Tara Ensi wins her first pick for the French first team

3 Questions for Augustin Ripoll

Agustin created a surprise yesterday in the first sprint when we were expecting big names at the moment like Barouh, Buffett or even young sprinter Luca Baron. What do you do?

So glad I was able to make the round I wanted in time. I had reassured myself about my level of sprinting in the Metz a couple of weeks ago, but was surprised and happy to see that he finally took a victory this round. Work pays off!

Not many people know your name or think it has disappeared from kayak racing. Can you tell us about your background? Starting with ck, early years in EDF, studies, life cycle, back to HN?

Augustin Reboul © Kick The Wave Media

I started kayaking very early, being about 9 years old with my dad who couldn’t put me on a surfboard since we were in Paris. We signed up for JEV where we do slopes, so I signed up for the slopes. Years later I’m back at EDF in 2017 and 2018 in the junior class, it’s worked out really well for me, bringing in some singles titles in k1 in c2, a classic in both years and racing in junior2. After that I left for a two-year scientific preparatory course because it suited me. We do a lot of math and physics there to prepare for competitions, not really practice time, the goal during these two years was kayaking at school on Sundays to rest. After the competitions went well, I joined the Ecole Polytechnique, which is a good school. Suffice it to say that with two years without a river, I totally wanted to get back in it. I seriously began to recover in September 2020, and found the French national team in 2021 at -23. I’ve had encouraging results at Solkan at Europe-23 and have continued to train ever since.

How do you balance yourself today? What does your daily life consist of and what emotions do you have when you approach the World Cup in France on a fabled river?

On a daily basis, I walk around and work on the school campus in Palizzo, always with my club coach training plans, July Viviez, and this year a school physical coach (Joffrey Ducert) follows me. I juggle classes at the same time, but the school allows me to organize myself well to train twice a day on average, to go to internships, self-employed, etc. From my house, I take advantage of it. I am gradually introducing myself to this World Cup, the Vizier is a beautiful technical and physical river that we have the advantage of knowing well. Anyway, I’m so happy to be able to participate, it’s a great opportunity this fall for my first big worlds. You can’t wait to have the chance to do a great race under this Finot Bridge!

4 Questions for Tara Ince

More than one chance to incorporate the blues

Only one more race before the selections end. Race over to set the counters and watch the Treignac from the water or the bank.

Who will be the final winner? Reply tomorrow on… at (link)

All selection results for Treignac Worlds 2022

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