Toulouse. Long Ma, magic, virtual reality… Our thoughts for a joyful outing this holiday

Vacations can be a chance to (re)discover the African Safari Zoo (top left) and the village of Jolois, south of Toulouse (bottom right), or indulge in board games (bottom left) and ride aboard the Long Ma dragon horse (top right). (© Halle de la Machine / Anthony Assémat / Alchemy of the game / Village Gaulois)

Here are our ideas for enjoying, enjoying some fresh air and relaxing during this Easter holiday, from Saturday 23 April to Sunday 8 May 2022.

Workshops in the Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar It is the new cultural place at the crossroads of the arts in Toulouse. The place will take advantage of the holidays to double the initiatives with courses for all ages (sewing, visual arts, writing, etc.). VR experiences (helmets provided), guitar, yoga and quizzes will also be part of the game.

3 avenue cemetery in Toulouse.

New virtual reality room

dreamaway, This is the new large virtual reality space, which will open in the city on Saturday 23 April 2022 between Metz Street and St. George’s Place. As for the opening, the first two days will be free, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 April 2022.

Free Art Workshops

ESMA and ETPA schools organize training courses to discover artistic careers. Photography, 3D Animation, Graphic Design… These courses are reserved for Terminale high school students and for youth under 25 in retraining.

Wednesday, April 27 and Thursday, April 28, 2022, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 50, Narbonne Rd., in Ausville-Tolosan.
Information about

Ball in the Grand Rond

With the sunny days, do you have a burning desire to dance? Gather at Bollingerin Roundabout for an afternoon of dancing. Simbora Association will provide DJ and live concert.

Sunday April 24, 2022 3pm-7pm Free event.

What awaits you on African safari

On these holidays, African Zoo Safari provides makeup booths for the Asian otter tea party and the resumption of bird meetings. A chance to discover the two new kids in the park: Sora and Ang!

The Harlem Globetrotters® at the Palace of Sports

The Harlem Globetrotters® always guarantees a great basketball show! Their new tour Pushing The Limits passes through Toulouse and Sports Palace André Brouat (the tour, originally scheduled for 2020, has been postponed due to Covid).

Videos: Currently in Actu

do not miss !

Enjoying Long Ma in the machine

After an exceptional weekend of entertainment on the Piste des Géants, the Dragon Horse Long Ma is still being discovered at the Halle de la Machine, until May 8th. For the first time, Long Ma is taking travelers aboard his travel pagoda, which is inspired by the architecture of the Forbidden City. Favorite place 10 meters high!

Board games and magic make their festival

On the second weekend of the Easter weekend, remember to mark the Alchimie du jeu festival in your diary, which celebrates its 20th anniversary at the Meett (6-8 May 2022). Another festival for young and oldAnd Barrière Casino Magic (May 7 and 8). The delusional and the mental… There will be artists of international level.

The Toulouse la Cépière racecourse organizes the Défi du mare.
The Toulouse la Cépière racecourse organizes the Défi du mare. (© Toulouse Racecourse)

Lots of entertainment on the racetrack

Race track organized Quick Challengewith eight national races that will follow each other every 30 minutes, and Three prizes on the list : Vase d’Argent Prize, Caravelle Prize, FBA Aymeri de Mauléon Prize. Family event with many activities such as brunch, dowry christening…

Sunday 24 April 2022, 11am-4pm at the Toulouse Racecourse.
1, the shopping path. Entertainment is free.
Entrance fee: 2/5 euros (free up to 18 years old).

Africa in the Limayrac . room

The Limayrac Chamber in Toulouse is hosting a two-day exhibition of robotic entrepreneurship on the theme of Africa. Look for exhibitors who will offer their expertise through fashion, cosmetics, bags and accessories (crafts) as well as culinary products.

Saturday 23 (9am-5:30pm) and Sunday 24th April 2022 (9am-6pm).
22 Xavier Daras Street.
More information at this link.

Discover the monuments of Toulouse with a guided tour

The Tourist Office of Toulouse organizes several guided tours to get to know the city better. “Toulouse and its Monuments”, “Visit Ile de Ramier” “The visit you are the hero”, “Secret Toulouse”, “Visit between the city and the museum”, “Along the Garonne”, “Heritage picnic”… the choice is yours!

Solidarity egg hunt

Don’t have indigestion during the Easter holidays? Are you tired of hunting eggs? On the initiative of the Secours populaire de Haute-Garonne, A large solidarity hunting campaign will take place at Compans-Caffarelli Park, Sunday, April 27, 2022.

Aeroscopia, Museum, Quai des Savoirs…

Experience the drones at Aeroscopia, the exhibition of critical thinking at the Quai des Savoirs, the workshops and insect discovery at the Museum of Toulouse… The must-see places in the conglomerate await!

In the village of Galic

Village Gaulois, 30 minutes south of Toulouse, organizes craft and introduction to archery and treasure hunts around the Cursed Gold Legend of Toulouse. 50,000 chocolate coins will be given as rewards!

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