Top 10 Swimming Pools Around Lyon

Want to get away from the city on hot summer days? We have selected for you the 9 best places to swim around Lyon. to your shirts!

When the sun comes up, temperatures in Lyon can reach record levels. To go swimming without going on an excursion, we have discovered for you the 9 best places to swim around Lyon. Follow the guide!

1. Lake Bordlan

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

  • Distance from Lyon : 35 minutes
  • Opening times : In summer, from 10 am to 7 pm, from 12 pm to 7 pm on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Services : changing rooms, toilets, snack

Here is one of the best places to swim in Lyon, just 35 minutes from the city center. You will have to pay an entrance fee (3€) in July and August, but you will enjoy swimming under the supervision of lifeguards. The guards provide security at the entrance and in the car park.

At the gates of Beaujolais, the lake covers 10 hectares of fresh water. You’ll lie on the white-sand beach or prefer shady lawns. You have changing rooms, showers and toilets as well as a snack bar for eating. New services are being developed as of 2022, such as paddleboard and kayak rentals or aqua fitness classes on certain days. The beach is open all year round, but swimming is only supervised in July and August.

2. Lake Colomber

Where do you swim, Lyon?

Image credit: Facebook – Chantal Maureen

  • Distance from Lyon: 35 minutes
  • Opening times : Saturday and Sunday in June, every day in July and August. Open from 11:30 am to 8 pm, swimming is supervised from 1 pm to 7 pm.
  • Services : restrooms, snack bar, disabled access

Here is the best option to swim in Lyon for free! Only a 35-minute drive away, you will find a space that is perfectly equipped for a beautiful summer day. The route makes it possible to get around the body of water in 45 minutes and discover this wonderful natural space.

Families will enjoy the playground and fitness track. Kids will love the water park area with the inflatable games on the water. Kayaks, paddles, and pedal boats are available for hire. The lake is also served by a tourist railway from the village of Anse. Access to the lake is free, crowds can be strong. In the summer, plan to arrive at the end of the morning to find a parking spot!

3. Blue Valley

Where do you swim, Lyon?

Image credit: Facebook – Blue Valley

  • Distance from Lyon : 50 minutes
  • Opening times : All year round, Aquapark from May to August
  • Services : Aquapark, Restaurant, Campsite, Multiple activities

A true multi-activity center awaits you at La Vallée Bleue, one of the best places to swim in Lyon. You can choose the water body and water park for swimming and land activities. It’s hard to choose between pedal boat, paddle boat or windsurfing but also buggy, mountain bike, hiking, pony or even rail bike. Extend the fun by staying at the 3 star camping site right next door!

4. Lake Condrio

Condrio Wam Park

Image credit: Facebook – Wam Park Lyon

  • Distance from Lyon : 1 hour
  • Opening times : Base is open from May through October
  • Services : Unusual accommodations, marine activities, catering…

One of Lyon’s best swimming spots is less than an hour’s drive away. It is very popular among families due to the many activities it offers. Water park with slides or tree climbing for the kids, a towboard for the elderly, there is something for everyone! And after the excitement, relax in the Chill Zone, a floating platform erected right on the lake!

5. Chambod Island – Mirbes

Chambod Island

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

  • Distance from Lyon : 1 hour
  • Opening times : all year round
  • Services : restaurant, marine activities, supervised bathroom accessible to people with reduced mobility, restrooms

Born from the construction of the Allement Dam in 1960, the island of Chambod – Merpuis defines a unique natural space on the Al Ain River. Be sure to follow the interpretive path to discover 10 fascinating sites high up in Wadi Al Ain. In addition to the classic boats and paddles, you can attend yoga classes in the summer. And to end the day in style, the high-quality restaurant serves regional specialties by the water.

6. Lake Aiguebelette

Where do you swim, Lyon?

Image credit: Shutterstock – Jonathan Meddings

  • Distance from Lyon : 1 hour
  • Opening times : all year round
  • Services : According to the beaches

Several swimming opportunities are available on Lake Aiguebelette, Aiguebelette-le-Lac, Lépin-le-Lac or Pré d’Argent. Only an hour’s drive away, it’s one of the best places to swim in Lyon! The clear water temperature can reach 28 degrees in summer. On the way, stop at La Bridoire and walk the Grenant canyon walk. You will be rewarded with a wonderful waterfall where you can plunge into a natural and wild environment.

7. Lake Palladro

Where do you swim, Lyon?

Image credit: Shutterstock – Michel PERES

  • Distance from Lyon : 1h05
  • Opening times According to municipal decisions
  • Services : Marine activities, museum, supervised beaches, marked hiking trails

This gorgeous lake draws its turquoise waters from the lacy chalk that covers its bottom. Located at an altitude of 500 meters between Lyon and Grenoble, it delights its residents and tourists who visit the area. The fifth French lake of glacial origin by its size, it stretches over 6 kilometers and has 4 communes.

Swimming possibilities are many, with several supervised beaches and waters at 25 degrees in summer. Please note that outside of these designated locations and their opening hours, all types of swimming are prohibited. You will enjoy a variety of marine activities such as kayaking, sailing, chartering boats or starting diving. The Lake Palladro Archaeological Museum is currently under construction and will open its doors in the summer of 2022.

8. Plain Tonic

normal toned

Image credit: Facebook – La Plaine tonic entertainment center

  • Distance from Lyon : 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Opening times : Free entry every day except summer, payment from 10 am to 7 pm from June 12 to August 29
  • Services : Marine activities, restaurant

Welcome to a real water theme park with La Plaine Tonique! The space is divided into two worlds, with a large sandy beach by the lagoon and a water complex with 5 swimming pools. You will never get bored between sea activities and land leisure activities. Just choose between jet skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, archery, mini golf… You can even rent an electric boat to cruise the lake or take off in parasailing at sunset. Feelings guaranteed!

9. Lake Jining

Where do you swim, Lyon?

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

  • Distance from Lyon : 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Opening times : Free year-round entry to supervised swimming in summer
  • Services : Supervised swimming pool, restaurant

Lagoon Jenin is classified as a “Natural and Scenic Site”, and extends over an area of ​​8 hectares in a forest at an altitude of 850 metres. It is dubbed “Little Canada of Haut-Bugey”. During July and August, swimming is supervised from 10 am to noon and from 1 pm to 6 pm. Next to the beautiful sandy beach, the inn serves house specialties and meats grilled over a wood fire in a friendly atmosphere. In addition to swimming, several trails allow you to explore this listed site on foot or by bike. Note that the lake is also accessible in the winter, with snowshoeing, snowboarding, and even snowboarding!

10. Lake Nantua

Where do you swim, Lyon?

Image credit: Shutterstock – Yoann MORIN

  • Distance from Lyon : half past one o’clock
  • Opening times : Open all year round, swimming is supervised in July and August
  • Services : marine activities, toilets

Discover one of the most beautiful lakes in France and one of the best places to swim in Lyon with Lake Nantois. Located in Haut-Bugey, this 141 hectare lot is popular with tourists and locals alike. Thanks to its size, you are sure to always find a place to put your towel. Described by Alexandre Dumas as “a beautiful little sapphire blue lake covered like a jewel”, it is distinguished by its brilliant colors that change with the seasons. Marine activities, floats, beaches and lawns await at Albert Greot Beach in the north and Kowloon Beach in the south.

Other places to swim around Lyon:

  • Etang de Fallavier: Swimming is allowed in July and August, good choice for swimming in Lyon in summer with only 45 minutes drive
  • Lac des Sapins: Playgrounds all around the lake, PMR facilities with all-terrain electric wheelchairs, mini golf … enough for a nice summer day
  • Lac de Virieu-le-Grand: Discover one of the largest sandy beaches in the area located in a forested environment. A complete change of scenery after 1 hour and 15 minutes from Lyon
  • Lac de Cormoranche: in the daytime or for lodging, a beautiful lake with options for swimming and supervised accommodation (chalets, mobile homes, Teepees, etc.)
  • Leisure Center Aurec-sur-Loire: In the Haute-Loire on the banks of the river of the same name, a large green space where you can put your towel down. Barbecues are available, just bring the grill and skewers of course!

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