The sinking of Moskva: Putin could use nuclear weapons, according to the head of the CIA

Moscow was slow to realize that the major in the Russian Navy, the MoskvaAlready sank. At the moment, the official version of an accident, a series of explosions of ammunition, undoubtedly gives the slightest credibility to the Ukrainian version, according to which it was the enemy’s missiles that got the best Russian missile carrier. In any case, Oleksiy Reznikov, Ukraine’s defense minister, does not hide his joy. But beware, CIA chief William Burns, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s retaliation could be terrible…

On Twitter, Ukraine’s defense minister hit hard by sharing a shot where we see him snorkeling in the company of a turtle. A direct reference to the sinking of the Russian cruiser. “Russian warship is a good dive site. We now have another diving spot in the Black Sea. I will definitely visit the wreck after our victory in this war. Plus, I already have 300 dives under my belt’,” wrote Reznikov proudly, citing HuffPost This Friday, April 15th.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, who is very skilled at converting images, shared his usual video message on the evening of Thursday, April 14; He referred to the Ukrainians as “Those who showed that Russian ships can only go to the bottom“.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby believes that the loss of the Russian major is “a hitto Moscow, with “Impact on their abilitiesTo attack in the area, this ship isA key element in their efforts to establish naval dominance in the Black Sea“.

Moskva”Providing air cover for other ships during their operations, including shore bombing and landing maneuversFor his part, the spokesman for the Odessa Regional Military Administration indicated.

All this jubilation from the Ukrainian side and all these comments that followed this great military tragedy of Russia do not heal Putin’s morale, and the destructive bad reaction cannot be ruled out according to the head of the famous US intelligence agency, the CIA. According to him, the master of the Kremlin, disturbed by the turn of events, rotted over Ukraine a tactical or low-energy nuclear weapon …

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