The record for the longest swimming under water with one breath was broken by the Egyptian

Most often, the most impressive achievements are the work of people who have gone through difficult times. This is the case of Omar Hegazy, the 31-year-old Egyptian, who managed to break two world records for apnea despite his disability.

Omar set two Guinness World Records records. At first he went the longest way to swim underwater with one breath and without a fin. Then he went the longest way to swim underwater with one breath and a fin. Without a fin, it traveled 56.48 meters and a fin of 76.7 meters.

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We’re talking about a single fin here because Omar had his leg amputated.

A difficult situation

At the age of 25, Omar started a new life as a banker in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. But soon after, in 2015, on a typical day, he was riding a motorcycle when he was driving through a pothole on the road and was thrown under a truck. Then passers-by took him to the nearest hospital, and then his parents took him to a hospital in Cairo. The doctors said that Omar should be amputated, and the young man agreed to the operation.

After the operation, Omar found he was unable to perform simple daily tasks on his own, such as going to the toilet or going down the stairs. During this period, his mental state was at an all-time low and he even became depressed after breaking up with his fiancée.

After three months of rehabilitation, he learned to use a crutch and a wheelchair and traveled to Germany in hopes of getting better medical help and getting a prosthetic leg.

Swimming as a refuge

In June 2021, Omar read an article about Darren Barbar, an amputee from Lebanon who made history by winning the Guinness World Record title for Longest Samson Chair Against a Wall. He started reading more and also discovered the story of Faisal Al Mousawi, a wheelchair diver who broke the world record for the fastest scuba dive at 10 km. He then began to practice swimming to release his anger and frustration, but this discipline finally allowed him to feel free and enjoy his full potential.

In addition to the two world records, Omar also achieved several achievements such as crossing the Gulf of Aqaba by swimming. He also cycled from Taba in the Sinai Peninsula to the Pyramids of Giza, and climbed a mountain. He is currently a motivational speaker and helps others overcome their mental difficulties. He wants to inspire people with disabilities and hopes his Guinness World Records titles will be a source of motivation for those who still lack self-confidence.

source: Guinness World Records


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