The new boat from Nautitech

No daggerboard travel cruiser nor flyover bridge cruiser born for hire, in good Nautitech. 44 new open is placed on an intermediate niche. Smart and successful design.

Six years after the launch of the 46 Open, the birth of the new Nautitech is necessarily an event worthy of careful consideration in its bud.

Also on board this much-anticipated winter cruise are Eric Levitt and Paul-Henri Shipman, of Lombard, Thomas Guericke, Head of Nautitech Design Bureau, and Maya Gauthier, Director of Marketing.

Solid, fairly light and a good walker, the new Nautitech!

From the beginning, it was the complicity of the various designers of the Nautitech 44, their shared pride indicating that it was born under a lucky star. This is confirmed very quickly at sea.

Let’s remember the main idea of ​​the Nautitech Group: to offer marine boats, not holiday boats. Admittedly, the Fly Edition of the Nautitech 46 may have given the impression that Rochefort builder was diluting its wine, but that’s a thing of the past.

Nautitech 44 Catamaran Unlocked
No heavy front cockpit, but a very friendly little padded lounge.

Therefore, this is not the time to downplay its importance, and the strong character of this 44 proves that we understand it well at Nautitech.

Not raised but a real sailing boat!

Space is limited for the excellent reason that we are not in a loft, but in a sailboat. And to celebrate, it’s time to audition plays! This returns from the main sail to the right rudder station via a large main rail mounted behind the rear bench seat.

No Genoa, we go straight from the solo thing to the O code designed as a light Genoa, which can be carried up to 18-20 knots of wind. The junker, also forged on a bow, completes this mischievous wardrobe.

The boat at sea
A self-sticking jib and O cut like a big Genoa: the right-forward combo. © Charles Drapeau and author.

The construction, which uses a sandwich of glass foam applied in the infusion, has something to do with it. On the other hand, the rudder station under the fairways provides an incomplete view ahead.

It is true that we are often under the pilot in blue water sailing. However, according to Maya Gautier, half of the owners of Nautitech go on a trip.

A woman riding a boat.
Very spacious, very solid, degrees of access to the deck and thus to the boom – it has the luxury of being beautiful.

Nothing has been overlooked to confirm the identity of this Nautitech, which presents itself more than ever as a happy medium catamaran and a true sea boat.

The yard had already received thirty applications for her newborn from individuals. Anyway, we’re in love!

Nautitech 44 in 7 points

Nautitech 44 Open Model
Nautitech 44 Open Form.

1. The height is 1.93 m in the front cabin, the height above the berth is 1.12 m. This berth is 1.92 x 1.46 m.

2. Access to the rear cabin is 47 cm wide, and 1.89 m high. Berth: 1.95 x 1.58 m.

3. Height 1.92 m in the bathroom.

4. Height 2.06 m in the basket. The cockpit hatch is 1.70 m, including 1 m of aisle. The length of the tape is 1.57 m.

5. The height under the bimini is 2.14 m.

6. Cockpit tables are 80 x 53 cm, and can form one tray of 1.75 x 0.80 m.

7. Seating length: 2.36m around the tables, 1.70m on the port side.

In numbers…

total length 13.30 pm
water line length 13.30 pm
Display 7.36 m

Draft 1.45 m
Displacement 10700 kg

SV near 106.10 m²
Self Silence 33.60 m²
Mensail 72.50 m 2

Code 069 m 2

sand material. Glass/PVC/Vinyl. / pee.
construction pump
Engine 2 x 30 hp Volvo-Penta

reservation. Fuel 2 x 250 liters
2 x 300 liter water tanks

Architect Marc Lombard
Designer Christophe Chidal Angeli
Manufacturer Nautitech
CE Class A / 12 Persons

starting price: 616,320 euros
The price of the tested boat: 824,000 euros

Text: Francois Xavier de Cressy. Images: Charles Drapeau and author.

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