The five far-flung destinations the Swiss will go on vacation this summer

Romantic getaway in New York, near the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Here are the countries the Swiss will travel outside of Europe in July and August. Our activity suggestions for a dream vacation.

We posted last week An article on the favorite destinations of the Swiss For summer vacation 2022. Short trips are targeted. What you’re reading now is for long trips. To achieve this, we have aggregated information (searches and reservations) provided by Hotelplan, Tui, Kuoni, and Ebookers.

Summer 2022 trends are influenced by anti-Covid-19 measures that deter or prevent Foreigners to go to several Asian countries. They are also affected by the war in Ukraine and retaliatory measures against the Russian invader (banning of airspace). This explains why so many Swiss head to North America during July and August, especially to the United States.

Regarding the main absentees, it should be noted that Mauritius, Thailand and Dubai are no longer among the preferences of Switzerland, although many of them went there before the pandemic.

The perfect vacation in the United States

After New York, Los Angeles is the most sought-after destination in the United States.

After New York, Los Angeles is the most sought-after destination in the United States.

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New York tops searches for flights and hotels. The Swiss largely booked their vacations in the American city. Los Angeles, located on the West Coast, is the other major popular destination this year. Then there is Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale). Vegas San Francisco was also in high demand.

Must-try activities New York: Reach the roof of One Vanderbilt in its glass elevator. Los Angeles: Hollywood and Beverly Hills Helicopter Flight. Miami: Dinner at Casa Casuarina that was the home of Gianni Versace. San Francisco: Bike tour over the Golden Gate.

Nature Activities in Canada

Kayaking on Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta.

Kayaking on Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta.

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For those who want to vacation in North America, Canada is the alternative to the United States. The Swiss appreciate this natural destination: watching wildlife (whales and plants) and wild landscapes. The country is perfect for a road trip…or rather a road trip (a term recommended by French-speaking Canadians). In the east of the country, travelers will enjoy Niagara Falls and major cities (Montreal, Quebec). To the west, they roll from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Must-try activities Visit the national parks. Montreal: Stroll down the Belvedere in Mount Royal Park. Vancouver: Take a water taxi to Granville Island to go to the market.

Safari in Tanzania and Beach in Zanzibar

On the beach in Zanzibar.

On the beach in Zanzibar.

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During the pandemic, Tanzania was one of the few holiday destinations where tourists were welcomed. Customers continue to flock to the shores of the island of Zanzibar that single-handedly plays the role of a postcard for this African country. However, on the mainland, travelers love a safari with Kilimanjaro as a backdrop.

Must-try activities Zanzibar: Visit Changu, known as Prison Island, and have lunch on the sand. Arusha: a trip to the Ngorongoro Crater and, of course, to the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Exoticism in the Dominican Republic

The turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

A. Florentini / Pexels

Punta Cana is the seaside resort that attracts most vacationers. The Swiss love it, too. Just as in Zanzibar, tourists flocked to the Dominican Republic during the health crisis. All-inclusive resorts delight families and clients who want to unwind. The mild climate and natural beauty put the Caribbean nation at the forefront of the most popular destinations. The government relies heavily on mass tourism.

Must-try activities Punta Cana: Island Catamaran Getaway. Go to the lemon waterfall.

Maldives: Heaven on Earth

Baa Atoll Cottages.

Baa Atoll Cottages.

Lion Photo Maldives / Pexels

The Swiss are loyal to the Maldives. The destination mainly attracts newlyweds who are honeymooning there. For many Westerners, these islands in the Indian Ocean are the embodiment of paradise on Earth: azure lagoons, white sand, palm trees and bungalows. The beaches are a sufficient selling point for the state not to seek to diversify its tourist offer. During the pandemic, the Swiss kept going there.

Test activities: Snorkeling and diving. Cocktail workshop in the hotel. laziness.

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