The first version of the champion race in Bo

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Aquasports Park-White Waterpark in Pau-Pyrénées This weekend he organizes the first edition of Champion Race in a new format

First Edition of Champion Race

Conceived by the Parc Aquasports team two years ago, Champion Race consists of Rehabilitation stages During the day. The event is held according to the “classic” format of slalom competition, by One last stage in the evening on Unprecedented shapefrom 19 o’clock.

The finals are a match not to be missed on this day: creative challenge For competitors where Top 20 From each category you will start on the part The most technical From the pelvis to the cycle very technical And an amazing 50 seconds!

Champion racing numbers

A couple of days before the event, we can already say that the contestants have joined the project proposed by the water park.

180 starts

10 nationalities (FRA, CZE, ITA, ESP, MRI, SUI, IRL, NED, POL, UKR),

12 Tokyo Olympics 2021

The 2021 world champions under 23 and under 18 in several categories.

The main athletes to follow

In the men’s one-seater boat, we think of the talented Michael Trav (ESP) and Voyage Higer (Czechoslovakia) but also Olympians Grzegorz Hedwig (pee) , Liam Jeju (IRL), Thomas Cushlin (SU).

at Single seater boat No. 3 in the world Teresa ViserovaEuropean Champion Mirren LazcanoUkrainian Olympic Banna victory.

In single seat kayaks for men and youth Jacob Kreigse (CZE) and Anatole Delasosstraight champion and vice world champion U23 2021 2 Spanish Paul Echaniz (ESP), Llorente David (ESP) and the Polish and Swiss national teams, without relying on all international residents of Pau.

Women’s single seat kayak, a wonderful group of French women led by the French representative of the Tokyo Olympics Marie Zélia LafontWorld U-23 Champion Colin CharlesEuropean Under-23 Champion Emma Vuitton The finalists for the Czech and Ukrainian Olympic Games Claudia Zolinska And Victoria us.

Road 22 gate to qualify

Conspirators Janos Peterlin and Jerome Blanchett composed a piece of 22 doors In qualifying that takes place in a traditional format. for the final 12 gates including 4 stops with more flexible rules where a touch at 1 second will be a penalty for the program.

The final course will push the technical boundaries of its participants Very artistic sequences or the risk The words will put it. The real question is how many rowers will pass through all the gates without making a mistake.

Follow the hero’s race

The organization gives you an appointment at its networks Particular attention will be given to allowing as many people as possible to follow the event from the web.



For people from Bao and locals in the area, meet at 10 am on Saturday at Aquasports Park – BA Whitewater Stadiuma.

Champion Race

Qualifying from 10 am to 5 pm.

Finals at 7pm, followed by fireworks

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