The first of its kind in the Pays de la Loire: a sailing club that will introduce young people in the labor market to jobs at sea

Claude Thoreau, President of Nautisme en Pays Blanc de Piriac-sur-Mer and Sandra Lefranc in charge of the La Mer est à vous project © Cathy Rio

“The sea is yours”. This is the name of the programprofessional integration Ambitious and unique.

The Nautisme en Pays Blanc association administers the naval bases of Piriac-sur-Mer and Mesquer near Guérande (Loire-Atlantique) possessed it. It is the only windsurfing club in the Pays de la Loire, You have been chosen to lead the system I built 3 years ago Ministry of Labor with the French Sailing Federation.

Objective: Accompany young people for 6 months to introduce them to maritime professions and to encourage careers to the sector of activity that needs candidates when employment is important.

“We have always had an educational and social profession”

We have just had a tough two years of covid with a decline in our activities. We had to broaden our horizons. “The sea is yours” is fully in line with our social responsibility project. We have always had here an educational and social profession,

Claude Thoreau, President of the Perac Sailing Club

The club, with union status, has been working on the project for two years. “We looked carefully to see if we were able to achieve this on a human, technical and financial level. But this is the first great thing for us,” added the president.

Surrounding Claude Thoreau are three members of the team: Sandra Lefranc for the administrative and support part, Cedric Viignand for technical training and Bruno Such for the environmental awareness component.

Young people from neighborhoods or rural areas

For a period of 6 months, starting from September 2022, 9 men and men over the age of 18 will discover sea trade, from sailing to fishing, including shipbuilding, sales, salt harvesting, supplies …, often unavailable, living In priority neighborhoods or in rural areas, the so-called revitalization zones.

“We have approached the local missions of Guerin, Saint-Nazaire, Paul Employe and Afba,” explains Sandra Lefranc, who is organizing a media briefing on Wednesday, June 15 at the naval base in Perillac-sur-Mer. She will then receive interested young people for an interview: “The really basic requirements are motivation and knowing how to swim.”

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On land, at sea, at work

À terre, en mer, au cœur des entreprises, les stagiaires pourront acquérir des connaissances et des compétences comme le permis bateau, le certificat restreint de radiotéléphone, le certificat de prévention et des compétences comme le permis bateau, le certificat restreint de radiotéléphone, le certificat de prévention et des compétences 1, iv de secourtive c Sailboat.

From the naval base of Piriac, they will learn about sailing, kayaking, catamarans, safety at sea, respect for the marine environment … At the club premises, they will receive further theoretical lessons and support. in their career plan. Because the device is not an end in itself. Hence it is up to them to target qualified training in their chosen profession.

Searching for housing

It now remains for the club to overcome some difficulties. First, help the apprentices find accommodation. Because if the support is free for them, their accommodation costs will not be taken into account. The club works with municipalities to find solutions.

Another issue is financing. The device costs the club 70,000 euros between equipment, personnel savings … The Ministry of Labor and FFV put 40,000 euros in the pot. It remains to find 30,000 euros. Department, District, Community Life Development Fund, Maritime Intervention Fund have been asked to make their contribution.

Finally, to recruit apprentices, the club is navigating a bit on the horizon. We do not know whether we will be flooded with candidates or vice versa. “It’s the great unknown,” Sandra tells Frank. But it is, however, a beautiful human adventure taking shape.

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