The best outdoor activities in Ireland

Ireland is famous for many things especially whiskey, and it is the land that brings together all the dreams and fantasies of nature lovers. Between its wonderful lakes, stunning landscapes, and mythical lands to discover, it is very difficult for a visitor to choose the activity to engage in during their stay. If you are in this situation, grab a glass of whiskey, Guinness or Irish coffee, and read our selection of the most beautiful activities in the fresh air from Ireland.

Live a unique fishing experience on the banks of the River Lawn

Fly fishing in Ireland is possible thanks to two main rivers.

The first is Laune in County Kerry in southwest Ireland. It is a powerful river regulated by three lakes upstream. These ensure a constant water level. Thanks to the landscaped roads, you can easily reach the best Pool Hope to catch a great salmon. If you are adventurous at heart, you will definitely love some of the more technical parts.

The second river, in this case, the Karah, also in County Kerry, has a more wild and rebellious character in its course. made of swimming pools Very fast and fast, this flood river is subject to precipitation. You can indulge in fishing to the estuary, places of concentration of migratory waves.

And the peculiarity of these rivers, beyond trout and salmon, also remains in the beauty of the landscape around the rivers; Indescribable beauty makes your fishing trips so magical.

Hike to Boyeeghter Bay Beach

Murder Hole Beach, better known as Boyeeghter Bay, is one of the most beautiful beach in the Wild Atlantic Way. Located in County Donegal, getting to it is indeed a challenge for hikers due to its rugged terrain. You will have to cross farmland on foot, taking care to avoid cows and bulls. You won’t have to fear a very cute farmer.

Although it is a short walk, if you do it in the morning, it will allow you to watch the wonderful sunrise on the beach.

Boyeighter Bay

Discover Ireland by mountain bike in 3 ways

If you love cycling, Ireland is waiting for you! This country offers you endless possibilities. Suggested mountain bike trails will take you to strategic tourist points. However, three roads stand out from the crowd.

First, Eurovélo 1 which takes the Wild Atlantic Way which is about 1,000 km along the Atlantic coast. This route gets you to visit the basics of Emerald Isle. You will delight in contemplating the Cliffs of Moher and the Dingle Peninsula. This is without a doubt the first itinerary that will be presented to you.

So why not pedal the 276 kilometers of Galway to Dublin Cycloway ? This road, which connects Galway and Dublin, crosses the island from one side to the other. Part of the EuroVelo 2 route, it was developed in the footsteps of an old railway.

Finally, stick to Kingfisher Trail To experience Northern Ireland in all its glory. This Kingfisher Trail allows you to travel through the region with ease.

Surf from Donegal to Cork

If you are a fan of water sports, then the 3172 km Irish coast will please you. In fact, this country, which you can easily fall in love with, is simply filled with magnificent landscapes that offer a sense of calm and serenity, paradoxically contrasting with the enormity and majesty of its waves. Draw a path that begins in Donegal and a drop-off point in Cork.

Less well known than other surfing sites, rosnolag Donegal is a quiet corner that is accessible all year round and offers you beautiful waves, even in winter. It’s a good start before moving on to Bundoran. The latter is known for its legendary wave, the topWhich attract enthusiasts and legends every year.

Surfers at Bundoran Beach
Bundoran Beach

If you are an expert, you will probably want to experience the thrill of monster wave Mulagmore in Sligo. Otherwise, you can always enjoy it from the beach, if you are not an expert or a suicide bomber. In that case, rest assured, you’ll still be able to enjoy the little one Inschedone Island In Cork with its beach blue flag It is an excellent place for beginners.

Discover the secrets of Fermanagh and the Paro River by kayak

Ireland, with its sparkling lakes and winding rivers, is the perfect playground for kayakers. It will undoubtedly allow you to discover its bays, hidden nooks and secret islands for an unforgettable marine experience.

between clear Fermanagh It is the capital of the Lake District. Made up of bays, narrow channels and countless islands, this wonderful natural maze is the best opportunity to learn canoeing and kayaking.

People paddling in the river

However, you can also opt for the loop that runs the length of Shannon’s facility to escape the city noise. by following the path Blackwater Canoe Trail Around Tyrone and Armagh, you will find yourself not far from The National Fund The Argory. It is a luxurious stately home on the banks of the river. Let yourself be tempted by the Barrow River that is just waiting for the strokes of your paddle to make you discover the treasures of Irish ancestral lands.

Discover the joys of horse riding in Connemara

Visit Ireland without riding a horse? It is unimaginable, because horseback riding is a real passion in this country. There you will find a large number of horse farms that raise horses of good and great breeds. Whether you just want to do a little horse race or take a nature walk, you will love horseback riding. Gentlemen, ladies, saddle up!

Connemara remains at the top of the wish list for tourists who love equestrian activities. She has some of the best horses in Ireland. These will make you see the beautiful lakes, swamps and mountains of Connemara. For your safety, the equestrian centers of your choice will provide you with the necessary bomb boots.

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