The Academy of Latin Sails was born in Lion’s Bay, Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque

In the Canigo Chamber, in the presence of elected officials, witnesses, and actors of Late Sail, the Constitutive General Assembly of this new assembly was held. An adventure in heritage service and knowledge transfer.

Enthusiasts, professionals and associations of ex-seamen and masters elected Robert Bataille who was among the first promoters of the preservation of the Catalan and Mediterranean maritime heritage, François Feral, Professor Emeritus of the University of Perpignan who in his youth practiced the small trades of fishing in the province of Sette, and Laurent Mallet, owner of the Catalan boat L’espoir , highly committed to preserving maritime traditions, and responsible for the heritage policies of Saint-Laurent-de -la-Salanque. This association has set itself an ambitious goal of promoting the transmission and preservation of late dhows and all knowledge, knowledge and history associated with it.

four sections

The Late Sail Training Institute, entrusted to the Ossian Bataille, will rely on custom school boats (optical feathers or water feathers for example) and on private boats by agreement with their owners to train audiences of all ages.

The Memory, History, and Intangible and Intangible Heritage of the Latin Route Section, entrusted to Laurent Malet, will collect documents and memoirs on the art and environment of Latin route navigation with the aim of sharing, publishing and editing. This relates to the design, construction, maintenance, fishing, life and history of boats and their users…

The Barquemasters Forum section, entrusted to François Féral, will allow owners of late sailboats to create a forum, whether it is a source of suggestions or encourages mutual assistance among all.

The Equipment and Infrastructure Department of the Latin Sailing Academy, entrusted to Laurent Malet, will focus on developing and connecting the master’s networks with all the logistical means that allow the preservation of these boats and, if possible, contribute to the development of new boats.

Robert Patai will act as technical advisor for all departments.

All enthusiasts, boat owners, current and former users of late sails, fishermen (sea and ponds), carpenters, sailboats, artisans, bearers of souvenirs and memos relating to the manufacture or use of late rigging are invited to get acquainted with the Academy to take part in this great heritage adventure with Laurent Malet (Tel. 06 62 15 56 17).

Good winds on good seas at the Black Bay Academy of Latin Sails.

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