[Textile] Kalanc (Marseille) swimwear for eco-friendly swimming

Thalie Moliner, founder of Calanque Swimwear, wanted to do things her own way. Over the past year, Marseille youth have been showing off a range of men’s swim shorts, made from recycled marine plastic waste. A diving lover but above all passionate about textile design, by noting ” A real shortage in the men’s ready-to-wear market “The idea of ​​establishing this company developed.

Calanque Swimwear is available on e-commerce sites and from a few retailers in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence and Toulon. Prices range from 89 euros to 134 euros. While environmentally responsible commerce is particularly expensive and margins are currently reduced, self-employment allows Thalie Molinier to sell items at lower cost and take the time to raise awareness in her area of ​​her cause due to ” It is less sensitive to this approach than other regions of France With 150 units sold since July 2021, half of the stock, this commitment appears to satisfy a real customer need and stand out from the competition.

Thale Mulliner, founder of Calanque Swimwear (Credit: Calanque Swimwear)

Once the plastic waste is collected, it is cleaned and processed in Spain into flakes. It is then cut into granules to be spun in spools and spun in northern Portugal. The fabric used is made from Renewable Seaqual Yarns, a combination of eco-design fibers and yarns. Working with manufacturers rooted in Europe also means ” Take advantage of regulations at the level of workers and minimum wages ”, she explains with a will to appreciate the human side. A model and innovation that allows the brand to receive the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) and Oeko-Tex100 labels that confirm compliance with environmental and social standards. It is thus committed to producing better and less, by offering high quality clothing that also lasts over time.

After investing €20,000, and despite the launch being postponed due to the pandemic, Thali is now surrounded by subcontractors for manufacturing, embroidery, spinning and accounting. The turnover is up to 50,000 euros. The young woman hopes to have 700 pieces sold by March 2023. With a long-term desire to develop internationally and diversify its offerings by offering accessories and apparel.

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