Which beach resort in Egypt suits you?

Egypt opens its reef coast of 900 km along the Red Sea and 200 km along the Gulf of Aqaba. A dream for diving enthusiasts but not only! Sloth, sport or low budget, our suggestions for all tastes. Eid at the end of the night or absolute calm? Holidays with friends or in a noisy … Read more

From Marseille to Mexico, the five most fascinating underwater museums in the world

Would you like to visit underwater museums? Our selection in France and abroad. That was in 2006. After a hurricane swept through Grenada destroying a gorgeous coral reef, British sculptor and diver Jason Deckers Taylor had the idea to submerge his work so it would attract and repair plants and animals. Complete success! Since then, … Read more

Five tips to get started

Summer is the perfect time to throw yourself into the Big Blue and learn how to grow there with complete peace of mind. Throughout the urban coast, scuba diving clubs offer courses and christenings. A family activity for learning from the age of eight. Take into account its shape (more than its age) If there’s … Read more

Stuffy ears, swollen ankles, fatigue .. How do you deal with the effects of a long-haul flight?

Practice. Traveling long distances is often synonymous with inconvenience. And the advice of a specialist doctor to prevent it and thus travel with complete peace of mind. In a couple of days, it will land in Guadalajara, Mexico. But before enjoying the sun of your holiday, fifteen hours of flight are waiting for you. And … Read more