Fear of inequity as WHO shares monkeypox vaccines

The World Health Organization said it is creating a new mechanism to share vaccines to stop monkeypox outbreaks in more than 30 countries outside Africa. The move could lead the United Nations health agency to distribute rare doses of the vaccine to wealthy countries that can afford it. For some health experts, the initiative will … Read more

Presence of monkeypox viruses in distantly related species of small mammals

A recent study was published in search field* Prepress server described that a remotely related small mammal species from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) harbors monkeypox viruses (MPXV). Study: Monkeypox viruses circulate in distantly related small mammal species in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Image Credit: FOTOGRIN / Shutterstock background MPXV, which … Read more

The right insurance can prevent monkeypox from interfering with your travel plans abroad

Just as people were finally preparing to travel outside India after two years of pandemic-induced lockdown, another viral outbreak appears to have reared its ugly head – this time it’s monkeypox. So far, more than 257 suspected cases and 120 confirmed cases have been recorded in 23 countries globally, and while the World Health Organization … Read more

More than 100 confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox have been reported in 12 countries, including the United States

CNN – More cases of the rare disease have been reported worldwide, including in the United States – where a health official said he expects more cases in the coming days. As of Saturday, 92 confirmed and 28 suspected monkeypox cases are being investigated in 12 countries, the World Health Organization said in a press … Read more

Monkeypox is spreading in Europe and the United States, baffling African scientists

LONDON – As more cases of monkeypox are discovered in Europe and North America, some scientists who have monitored several outbreaks in Africa say they are baffled by the disease’s unusual spread in developed countries. Cases of smallpox-associated disease have not previously been seen among unrelated people in Central and West Africa. But in the … Read more