Sea Level Rise and What It Means for Marco | Public

This is the third and final Earth Day lecture for the Marco Arts Center. Guest speaker, Mike Savarese, is Professor of Marine Science at the Coastal Watershed Institute at Florida Gulf Coast University. He spoke to a group of anxious residents after one of those classic summer downpours. The audience heard doomsday words like net … Read more

Africa: Who Should Be The Next UN Climate Change Chief?

New York — Patricia Espinosa’s six years as Executive Secretary of the United Nations climate change secretariat end on July 15. During his tenure, he has led efforts to operationalize the 2015 Paris Agreement and inject greater urgency into the diplomatic process. Despite the difficult progress, COP26 in Glasgow added some momentum and arguably brought … Read more

Parris Island is waging a battle, not a war, against climate change

PARRIS ISLAND, SC – Rising seas permeate one of America’s most storied military installations, where thousands of recruits become Marines each year amid the salt marshes of South Carolina’s Lowcountry region. The Parris Island Marine Corps Recruiting Depot is highly vulnerable to flooding, coastal erosion and other impacts of climate change, a Defense Department-funded “resilience … Read more

The climate change plan released by the Government today

At midday, the Government will reveal its plans to reduce New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. It is part of the country’s first emissions budget, which outlines the number of megatons of carbon dioxide equivalent that is allowed to be released over a given period of time. Climate Change Minister James … Read more

Te Pāti Māori wants urgent transformative action

New Zealand’s first three emissions budgets, which outline how much greenhouse gas they are allowed to emit, have been released. Smoke stack image file. (Source: That comes before the soon-to-be-released Emissions Reduction Plan. While National was onboard, Te Pāti Māori said it wasn’t good enough. Debbie Ngarewa-Packer of Te Pāti Māori called New Zealand’s … Read more

Nebraska farmers and ranchers make every day Earth Day | Plants

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently issued a report that underscores the urgency to implement climate solutions and explains the gravity of the situation if action is delayed or limited. The urgency of climate change is not something that needs to be explained to Nebraska producers—they are at the forefront, seeing its … Read more