Western industrialized countries must shoulder the financial burden of fighting climate change: Env Minister

Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav on Sunday said India’s per capita carbon emissions are among the lowest in the world and therefore western industrialized nations should shoulder most of the financial burden of fighting climate change. Speaking at the “Conference on Environmental Diversity and Environmental Jurisprudence: National and International Perspectives” at Chandigarh University, the minister … Read more

Climate Puzzle Baked In Indian Heatwave

CHANDIGARH, India—As soon as I arrived in the eastern megacity of Kolkata in February, the temperature started to rise. They always do it when India’s brief winter turns into early spring. But then they kept going up. After the hottest March in 122 years on record, the sweltering temperatures continued into April, with national highs … Read more

Hot weather forces India to face climate change head-on | Climate Crisis News

Delhi, India- Construction worker Gujral Singh burst into tears as he voiced his concerns about working hard in India’s scorching summer heat. Tens of millions of Indians are struggling to cope with a relentless heatwave with temperatures in some of the hottest regions in more than 120 years in this South Asian nation. “It became … Read more