Government documents used to prepare for climate change are kept secret after the trial of the Administrative Court of Appeal

Conflicts within the Coalition over climate policy have made it difficult for civil servants to give honest advice about preparing for worsening extreme weather such as floods and fires, according to sworn testimony of a senior bureaucrat. Key points: The government has withheld a number of “war game” climate scenarios from the public, claiming the … Read more

Climate Puzzle Baked In Indian Heatwave

CHANDIGARH, India—As soon as I arrived in the eastern megacity of Kolkata in February, the temperature started to rise. They always do it when India’s brief winter turns into early spring. But then they kept going up. After the hottest March in 122 years on record, the sweltering temperatures continued into April, with national highs … Read more

New Toolkit Offers Help for Climate Change Anxiety

Natania Abebe A new toolkit provides coping strategies for people worried about climate change. These strategies include volunteering, building community, discussing emotions with others, practicing mindfulness, and seeking therapy. The Toolkit, developed by nursing experts at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada, also offers reflection questions and a variety of voiced films … Read more

How NASA Plans To Dig Up The Dirt Of Climate Change – A Teachable Moment

Learn about the role dust plays in Earth’s climate, why scientists are interested in studying dust from space, and how to engage students in science with JPL’s STEM resources. NASA’s instruments launched to the International Space Station in early summer will explore how dust affects global temperatures, cloud formation and the health of our oceans. … Read more

Microbes may be small but have a big impact on climate change, report says

Bleached coral, Acoropora sp. Photo Courtesy: ASM Microbes and Climate Change Report University of Hawaii oceanographer at Mānoa, David Karl, co-authored a report that found although microbes may be small, they are having a profound impact on the environment and human health amid climate change. The report, Microbes and Climate Change: Science, People & Impact, … Read more