Eco-warriors: Indian musicians who step up and make a difference for Earth

Some time ago, Coldplay announced that they would not be touring until they found a sustainable way to do so. Well, they did! The band is on tour and has incorporated many energy saving methods that will help reduce the strain that touring in the country (USA) has on the environment. A number of other … Read more

The Length of Days Oscillates Every 6 Years, And Finally We Might Know Why

The way we think about the center of our planet may need some serious updating. New evidence suggests that, instead of consistently spinning faster than Earth’s spin, the dense inner core is oscillating — spinning first in one direction with respect to the surface far above, then the other, changing direction every six years. This … Read more

Make Earth Day Great Again

Television host Padma Lakshmi poses for a selfie with a fan on April 19, 2015 at an Earth Day event sponsored by MorningStar Farms, a division of the Kellogg Company.Photo: Image of John Minchillo/AP for MorningStar Farms (AP) I know that Earth Day is April 22 because the company won’t stop emailing me about it. … Read more

How NASA Plans To Dig Up The Dirt Of Climate Change – A Teachable Moment

Learn about the role dust plays in Earth’s climate, why scientists are interested in studying dust from space, and how to engage students in science with JPL’s STEM resources. NASA’s instruments launched to the International Space Station in early summer will explore how dust affects global temperatures, cloud formation and the health of our oceans. … Read more