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With less than five months left until the 2022 World Cup, thank God Australia will be among 32 nations vying for the top prize in football. Socceroos coach Graham Arnold leaves plenty of time to catch a glimpse of Australia playing around the world as well as at home and assess who will make up … Read more

The fastest Nova ever recorded caught fire in just one day

The fastest stellar nova explosion ever seen has been recorded by astronomers. They witnessed a white dwarf ‘steal’ gas from a nearby red giant and trigger an explosion bright enough to be seen from Earth with binoculars. Named V1674 Hercules, the nova explosion occurred 100 light-years away on June 12 last year, but lasted only … Read more

Baby boomers aren’t the rich, selfish, climate change deniers you think they are

Baby boomers aren’t the rich, selfish, backward climate change deniers you think – many are just as awakened as you Baby boomers are much more diverse and empathetic than people think More than half say climate change is the most pressing issue facing Australia The next most pressing issue is housing affordability and the homeless … Read more

Jose Mourinho’s best European moment after leading Roma to glory in the Conference League

As Jose Mourinho lifted the Europa League trophy high into the sky in Tirana on Wednesday night, it was just the latest addition to his European highlights. Become the master of the continent, or as the Italian newspapers called him on Thursday, the “King of Rome”, Mourinho became the first coach to win every club … Read more

World’s most expensive place: Family of four earns $8,480 tab for a five-day Disney vacation

Disney World vacations were once seen as traditional vacations for middle-class American families, but are increasingly out of reach. Over the past few years, amusement park ticket prices have skyrocketed as executives continue to raise food prices and begin serving higher-paying customers. To make matters worse, Disney executives are eliminating cost-effective features at theme parks, … Read more

Prince William opens BAFTA segment on climate change praising TV writers for raising awareness

Prince William has opened a BAFTA segment on climate change praising television writers for raising awareness about green issues and urging them to ‘keep them high on the programming agenda’. Duke appears as part of a special video highlighting ‘Planet Placement’, which features featured messages about sustainability throughout their regular program. The clip details how … Read more