What CFOs Should Think About This Earth Day

This Earth Day, Mars CFO discusses how financial leaders have an important role to play … [+] sustainable business. Getty Images We celebrate Earth Day 2022 against a backdrop of growing concern over climate issues. For CFOs, a renewed focus on decarbonizing operations and minimizing environmental impact is at the core of sustainable business management. … Read more

Government documents used to prepare for climate change are kept secret after the trial of the Administrative Court of Appeal

Conflicts within the Coalition over climate policy have made it difficult for civil servants to give honest advice about preparing for worsening extreme weather such as floods and fires, according to sworn testimony of a senior bureaucrat. Key points: The government has withheld a number of “war game” climate scenarios from the public, claiming the … Read more

The climate change plan released by the Government today

At midday, the Government will reveal its plans to reduce New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. It is part of the country’s first emissions budget, which outlines the number of megatons of carbon dioxide equivalent that is allowed to be released over a given period of time. Climate Change Minister James … Read more

Turkey draws up long-term strategy to combat climate change

The Turkish government is working on a long-term climate change strategy and action plan that will help the country meet its targets under the Paris Agreement. With the signing of the agreement, Turkey’s efforts to combat climate change are gaining further momentum. In light of these developments, the government hopes to complete the work on … Read more

France’s unprecedented drought suggests climate change is ‘spinning out of control’

Issued on: 11/05/2022 – 17:17 As global warming accelerates, the specter of drought haunts once-green French farmlands. Even now, before the start of summer, 15 administrative departments must limit water use while farmers warn that the current situation will adversely affect crop yields. Few people in France speak of this looming catastrophe – but all … Read more

Making Patients Sick and What To Do?

Asthma. Allergy. Eczema. Type 2 diabetes. All of these disease conditions can be exacerbated or caused by climate change. “I’ve had pediatricians come to me to say, ‘I’ve seen kids under 2 years old have been contaminated before,’ says Nathaniel DeNicola, MD, MSHP, of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Washington. … Read more

Te Pāti Māori wants urgent transformative action

New Zealand’s first three emissions budgets, which outline how much greenhouse gas they are allowed to emit, have been released. Smoke stack image file. (Source: istock.com) That comes before the soon-to-be-released Emissions Reduction Plan. While National was onboard, Te Pāti Māori said it wasn’t good enough. Debbie Ngarewa-Packer of Te Pāti Māori called New Zealand’s … Read more

Climate Puzzle Baked In Indian Heatwave

CHANDIGARH, India—As soon as I arrived in the eastern megacity of Kolkata in February, the temperature started to rise. They always do it when India’s brief winter turns into early spring. But then they kept going up. After the hottest March in 122 years on record, the sweltering temperatures continued into April, with national highs … Read more

When conflict and climate change bite, will high food prices persist?

LONDON – Food prices around the world have soared to record levels this year as the Russo-Ukrainian war slashed the countries’ main exports of wheat and fertilizers at the same time as droughts, floods and heat triggered by climate change destroy more crops. Wheat prices hit their 14-year peak in March, and corn prices hit … Read more

Restoring mangroves to fight climate change in Africa

By Wanjohi Kabukuru | Associated Press MOMBASA, Kenya — In an effort to protect coastal communities from climate change and encourage investment, African countries are increasingly turning to mangrove restoration projects, with Mozambique the latest addition to the list of developing countries with large-scale mangrove initiatives. Mozambique follows efforts across the continent — including in … Read more