The Sunny 640 SD is a fairly classic solar deck, offering a spacious cabin and beautiful lounging areas. Photos: Virginie Pelagali.

In the range of boats of choice for French shipyards (the units of which are produced in Poland), Sunny is already one of the large. Admittedly there is an abundance of models (twenty-three to be exact), but within a niche of somewhat limited size, between 5 and 7 metres, with a variety of deck layouts: from opening to sun deck in passing through the helmsman .

Choice of option teak boats for deck
The surface is completely covered with imitation teak (optional).

The Sunny is a fairly typical sundeck that the bow of the deck offers both a beautiful cabin, with a berth over two meters long, and a large triangular solarium accessible through the port’s only bypass.

Reversible seat

It also introduces original ideas, such as the reversible rear bench that forms a reclining chair next to the engine. For this test, the Sunny 640 SD was equipped with a large 150 horsepower Mercury 3-liter. The shipyard offers 115 hp as the recommended power, but for us 150 hp is the right mass for this hull, which is maxed out at 35 knots with two people on board; The economical cruising speed fluctuates between 18 and 23 knots and is charted in 6 seconds 40.

Selection boats sunny reversible swimming deck
The shower platform on the port side is covered with a thick mattress and thus becomes a reclining chair.

Why not 175 horsepower?

Speed ​​enthusiasts who want a more sporty figure can get 175 horsepower without hesitation. The Sunny proves to be easy to steer, with an overall healthy and safe demeanor, especially in the bends. The clip in the seal is good. We simply observe the phenomenon of rhythmic tone in a straight line at cruising speed, which is not always easy to erase with ornament.

Head station selection boats
The rudder station is well positioned, and the console has its own assigned position.

So you will have to be very meticulous about the distribution of loads on the board, the choice of speed and the adjustment of the trim. The cockpit is deep and protective and will fit the family crew with young children. Teak style laminate flooring looks a bit dated, but it adds aesthetic value compared to the raw gel coat.

sunny solarium selection boats
A wide corridor on the port side leads to a large solarium that covers the entire deck of the cabin.

The stainless steel bow at the back (optional) will allow pulling sports, such as skateboarding or floats. The central pilot and co-pilot seats had to be replaced with a more modern inclined post.


Selection boats sunny 640 sd hull
The chassis, which is somewhat similar to that of the Cap Camarat 6.5 DC, is in a lightly chopped condition.

A modest, well-appointed sun deck is an interesting option for embarking on yachting, with a program of small coastal cruises and water sports. Its large cabin and front solarium are its main assets.

Characteristics of choice boats Sunny 640 SD

  • Total length 6.48 m
  • Hull length 6.25 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Weight 1200 kg
  • Recommended power 115 hp
  • Maximum power 175 hp
  • Water capacity 56 liters
  • Fuel capacity 116 liters
  • cat. C / 7 people.
  • outboard motor
  • Manufacturer’s Choice Boats (Poland)

Sunny 640 SD Choice Boats Price

  • €65,368 With 150 HP Mercury and all options

Selection Boats Sunny 640 SD Performance 150 HP Mercury EFI

Fan Type: Energy 15 inch

round per minute speed in knots Consumption in liters / hour Yield in thousand/liter
slow motion 1 1.9 0.53
2500 7.6 13.4 0.57
3000 9.7 18.5 0.52
3500 18.9 20.3 0.93
4000 23.2 25.8 0.90
4500 27.5 34 0.81
5000 31.3 43 0.73
5,500 33.4 56 0.60
5900 35 56 0.63

Our reviews

the most

  • successful streak
  • Good level of equipment
  • Queen bed and large solarium

the least

  • Some finishes to review
  • Sometimes porpoise sailing fast
  • Experimental chair looks crisp

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By Edward DeGreese

By Edward DeGreese

At the age of eight, Edouard discovered surfing and surfing behind Correct Craft 2001 in Corsica. His passion for boating and gliding sports hasn’t left him since then!

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