Sud-Aveyron – Lozère: French Canoe and Kayak Team Coach Winner of the Tarn Valley First Trail

At 38, French canoe-kayak coach Renaud Dube, originally from Grenoble but now living in Pau, covered 157.5 kilometers of the Tarn Valley I course in 19 hours 29’23”. Julien Tarsan, a policeman in Saint-Flor (Cantal), climbs on the second rung of the podium at 19 hours 50’18” and Antoine Biard, from Arig, finished third at 20 hours 21’33”.

At 2 a.m., on Saturday May 7, Renault Dube, the Tarn Valley track first winner, crossed the finish line in Millau, having cut 157.5 km of this first-of-its-kind track in the south. Aveyron, between Luzer and Aveyron. Meets.

In what state of mind are you?
I am happy and exhausted. Glad, because everything went well. I was able to share that with my wife, my daughter. 3 months, mom and dad who was certified. It is more rewarding to win in these circumstances. It was very difficult. I was having stomach issues very quickly. I struggled to move forward. I’m really tired. What kept me going was that despite this tough feeling in management, I was able to catch up, overtake and take the lead. My whole family was pushing me behind and encouraging me.

You kayaker how did you come to run?
I stopped kayaking in 2012 and started running. It had some nice little victories, especially in the great Pyrenees raid, the XT01, which ran such distances.

What distinguishes this path?
Arrive early in the season. In general, we spend the entire summer in the mountains making signs to prepare well for this type of event. As a result, its management is very complicated. The other advantage is the very fast start, and therefore it is very fast. So we reach high speeds. There’s a lot of fiber breakage behind, and it’s complicated to manage because we have a bit of a destroyed muscle. But we still have to move forward.

In the first sections, were you traveling relatively fast for 160 km?
We actually go 10 km/h on average at 80 km. As far as I’m concerned, that’s pretty rare. When I do Diagonale des Fous, on the same kilometer, I am at 3 pm, there, at 8 am. You should be able to get past it. Took 20 km to recover. I had to run.

And the second part of the course?
It was more solid and technical. It suited me better because I am more of a mountain person. But it remains difficult to manage, especially when fatigue sets in, when the thighs are less responsive, and when the accuracy and clarity are lower.

With what goal did you come?
I had set a goal for myself to cross the finish line below the 8pm mark. I set exactly 7:29 PM, so my contract was fulfilled. Victory is the big plus.

Your dad played the pacer for the last 50 kilometres. What necessarily adds feelings?
I got into the sport, letting myself calm down from all the adventure stories my dad was able to live through all of his multi-sport raids and trails. I told myself I should try because the way he said it, it was really a transgression, a personal reflection. So, I got in with him at first.
My first race was disastrous. It took three months for me to walk again. I took a short break and then came back, and put my kayaker experience to good use. Little by little, I was able to build something completely progressive and reach my best potential. I know very well that I will never be the world champion in running.

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