Stuffy ears, swollen ankles, fatigue .. How do you deal with the effects of a long-haul flight?

Practice. Traveling long distances is often synonymous with inconvenience. And the advice of a specialist doctor to prevent it and thus travel with complete peace of mind.

In a couple of days, it will land in Guadalajara, Mexico. But before enjoying the sun of your holiday, fifteen hours of flight are waiting for you. And not always in optimal conditions. In the program: clogged ears, swollen ankles or fatigue. That was without relying on the recommendations of Vincent Foilly, the medical advisor for Air France.

ear pressure balancing

During takeoff and landing, a rapid change in atmospheric pressure can cause discomfort in the ears. To mitigate it, the professional suggests trying “Yawning, swallowing saliva, chewing gum, or practicing the Valsalva maneuver: a simple movement that divers know well and consists of gently blowing your nose by pinching your nose and keeping your mouth closed“.

Reducing swollen ankles

Swollen legs and ankles on a long flight is a well-known phenomenon among travelers. It results from atmospheric pressure in the plane and sitting for long periods, which damages the blood circulation. To correct the situation, Vincent Foilly recommends wearing tights or compression stockings. Mandatory only for pregnant women and people with venous insufficiency, the doctor recommends it to everyone, in order to avoid any risk of venous thrombosis (or phlebitis). He also suggests tightening your calf muscles regularly and moving around the device occasionally. “Above all, don’t sit still for the duration of the flight.‘, he warns.

Fatigue control

There are two types of fatigue that you have to control when you go on a trip“The Air France employee asks. Tickets, passports, security checks, baggage… The number one reason is organizational pressure.”To avoid this, it is better to do this in advance, having your luggage ready three days before departure, arriving early at the airport and checking in the day before departure on your smartphone.The second, due to jet lag, can also subside. To do this, the doctor recommends wearing comfortable clothes, tilting the chair to sleep and doing some relaxation exercises or meditation. A healthy lifestyle should also be followed during the days leading up to the round trip, from In order to have a pleasant trip.

Keep skin hydrated on board

Fatigue and plane dryness are responsible for dry skin, which can lead to spots and redness. To prevent this, the doctor suggests “To drink a lot of water“Eye drops, lip balm and hydrating skin lotion should also be put in travel washes to keep your skin hydrated on board.


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