Shallow Sport 32′ X3 test: Three shells or nothing!

X3 for three chassis! We were challenged by this open hunt with its very impressive and promising hull. We were not disappointed…Photos: Virginie Pelagali.

For the authenticity of its 3D bodywork, we rode a 32′ X3 by Shallow Sport from Texas. In English, “shallow” means “shallow,” which explains why this shipyard, which offers about ten models from 18 to 32 feet, has been specializing for forty years in the manufacture of flatboats, and these fishing boats are usually American boats Flat-bottomed, very low on the water and capable of navigating in shallow water thanks to its low drag.

The cockpit, lined at the level of the free panels, receives a double seat reclining on the pilot’s seats and facing the stern.

On the Classic and Sport range models, the hulls are seagull-wing, while on the X3 range, the three boats are 25, 28, and 32-foot Trimarans.

About twenty tunnels

They present unique underwater bodies consisting of three very thin bodies at the bow of the ship, each with three or four noticeable strips that form, in total, about twenty small tunnels. Models of the X3 series and more specifically 32 feet with their 9.75-meter hull length offer a much wider program than those of the other series, which are limited to bodies of water protected by their flat hulls.

Shallow sport cockpit 32' X3
The steering unit displays good dimensions; A door on the port side opens to the cabin.

With this 3D chassis, the 32′ X3 is designed for sea sailing as well as shallow-water fishing, thanks to its draft of just 39cm and exterior panels (Suzuki 350 hp on our test model) mounted on lifts.

Shallow Sport 32'x3 with two Suzuki engines
The boat on display received a two-strength 350hp Suzukis, but the yard advertises a 2×600 hp maximum engine…

In addition, the boat is presented with several options that allow it to be equipped according to its program, fishing or a family picnic. Thus, the tested 32′ X3 was equipped with an imposing steering unit that includes a large sofa at the front under which the cabin is installed. Although equipped with a double berth, this space of monastic comfort, accessible from the door on the port side, would primarily serve as a storage place for equipment.

Shallow Sports Show
Although it has a 3D body, the 32′ X3 isn’t particularly wide. All three structures are equipped with large lights.

The console is covered with a solid T-shaped top cover, it is largely equipped with rod holders and has a massive instrument panel, which is too high to provide a good front view for small passengers, especially when taking off. The double seat for pilot and passenger accommodates a refrigerator and includes, in the rear, a double seat facing the engines.

The cockpit, outfitted with gun-level lining, isn’t too deep — reminiscent of flat-packed boats — but is generously stocked with rod holders, living bunkers, and lockers. The finish could be improved, but the feeling of stiffness is there.

Gorgeous lane in the sea

All we have to do is see how this funny boat behaves…”Don’t worry, I’ll voluntarily look up the waves of other boats to show you the amazing qualities of this hull,” says our pilot as we enter the Miami Harbor Canal, the only testing area where speed is allowed.

Shallow sports cabin
The cabin is very simple and the locks can be improved, but it offers good storage capacity and accommodates rod holders

Suffice it to say that the traffic here is crowded and boats of all sizes and types pass each other at full speed, creating a kind of broth in all directions. but whatever ! Whatever the size or direction of the chop, the 32′ X3 goes through without moving, like a wave drill, with amazing stability and comfort.

It never hits, never kicks the racket, but is very common in multiple hulls, especially boats, and follows its course without being the least affected by the state of the sea. Alternately, it behaves more like a monocoque hull than a raft with a very moderate heel angle and no heel.

Shallow Sport 32′ X3 Game Features

total length 9.75 m

an offer 2.74 m

weight 3629 kg

strength advised 2 x 350 HP

Max power 2 x 600 HP

fuel capacity 1211 liters

Transmission external

builder Shallow sports

Shallow Sport 32′ X3 Price (in US HT)

  • €300,000 with 2×350 hp Suzuki

Shallow Sport 32 X3 Technical Sheet

Mechanization: with 2 x 350 hp Suzuki

round per minute speed in knots Consumption in liters / hour Yield in thousand/liter
Sea trip 35 98.4 0.35
the above 46 170.2 0.27

Our reviews

the most

  • stability
  • Marine traits of the body

the least

  • Visibility limited to cockpit for small sizes

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