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Introduced in the fall of 2016, the circuit is a paddle initially intended for slalom, available in 3 versions: CT (Club Training) for Clubs, Training and Budgets (209€) – HV (Heavy Duty) for those who need an enhanced blade slalom – SL (Super Lite) for competitors. This new SW version, for Slalom/White Water, extends the range with a paddle reinforced specifically for the river. Announcing the color!

Select Track SW . paddle appearance

In appearance, the blade is very round, and the curves are soft: it shares a familial resemblance to the Raab, while being less curved, with a support center slightly more focused toward the handle. The padded blade is dense, feels like there is texture, it inspires confidence. Pre-impregnated fiber construction provides a sleek, ultra-smooth finish. The paddle shaft cross-section is clean and the Quick-Lock adjustment system allows the paddle to be quickly adjusted to the desired size and angle. This system is good, in the continuity of the handle and the small screw makes it possible to adjust the tension if necessary. We’re far from the usual S.Lock style, it’s majestic and tall to adapt.

Weight and Handling Select Track SW

The paddle feels heavy on the handle. The 1160g sets on the tone scale but the presence of the L blades and the adjustable version (about 85g extra) puts us in perspective: Select advertises the M blade with a fixed handle at 1040g. The oval-shaped handle is light and pleasant. The handle does not slip in the hand.

Once you’re in the water, the track offers controlled support: not very sturdy, but sturdy enough to pull without questions if necessary. The blade with an area of ​​u200bu200b700 square centimeters allows you to increase the speed on the fastest sections. Past in the water right, the blade’s reduced size and thin front edge (3mm) allow it to enter the water naturally. This leading edge still tends to define the shocks, especially in the Seven Rivers. Nothing serious except from an aesthetic point of view.

The hardness of the whole allows for a very good output but it will be necessary to be physically hard to fully exploit it. Skaters who are not very proactive, not technical enough or simply do not have enough muscle will not be able to exploit the flexibility of the shaft. In addition, if the grip allows good voltage transmission, it also allows good vibration and shock transmission: be careful for those prone to tendinitis. Again, our test knob is adjustable, which makes us put its stiffness into perspective: a fixed knob should be more flexible.

Our view on the Select Track SW . paddle

Test Select Path SW
Opinion and Test Select the path SW

In the end, this Track SW turns out to be a good whitewater paddle, which offers more feel and better support than classic river paddles, even if you have to be good, both technically and physically, to get it all the potential. Enough to commute each day and calmly approach the courses up to class 5, using a strong and efficient paddle.

the main points

(large pale version – vario handle)

collective: 1160 grams
Diameter: 31.5 – 28 mm (oval)
blade area: 700 cm²
Neck Elasticity*: 2.5 mm


3 sizes

The –


Different versions of the Select Track SW paddle

– Feathers Small (650 cm 2) – Medium (680 cm 2) – Large (700 cm 2)
Fixed straight handle: €399
– Adjustable straight bushing: €419

* Dexterity method: bending is taken between two points at a distance of one meter, for a load of 10 kg.

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