see you The Val d’Albret kayak runs at full speed

The Val d’Albret Kayak Club has resumed competition, with the divisional slalom championship at the Pont des Sables.

The competition is organized by the Marmande Club under the wonderful spring sun which will earn the gate judges some nice sunburn. The objective of the game was simple: complete a slalom cycle without touching the “red and green” gates! Fourteen Lavardaki took part in this race, which crowned the new champions of the year.

Interesting recovery

In single-seat rowing, Thomas Bisetto took second place and took the title of Lot-et-Garonne Vice Champion. In a small single-seat kayak (K1JD), Marla LeJack Thomas imitated her by ascending to the second class of the podium.

At K1 Homme Benjamins, Axel Lafontanie became the divisional champion thanks to a good comeback during the second round. Clouds Torun took fourth place. In the K1 Male Junior Elio Zagni, for three small seconds, lost the first move but became the Vice Champion, Paul Moreau placed fourth; Mael Michelin and Dylan Fin, in their first official competition, placed fifth and sixth in their category.

Among these, Sacha Roy liked his friends and finished in second place. Matisse Tofri, also a CKVA rookie, was ranked sixth.

In the senior men’s class, Thomas Pescito stopped at the foot of the podium and for 10 percent of a second he could only land in fourth. He is followed by Teddy Dubuis in sixth and Valentin Bogos and Remy Ducos in eighth and ninth.

Since the Lavardacais are brave, six of them have also signed up for the two-seater boat and the results are quite satisfactory. In the Junior Canoe two-seater (C2), Elio Zani and Paul Moreau took first place. In the senior C2 class, Teddy Dubuis and Thomas Bissetto won their race, followed in second place by duo Remy Ducos and Valentin Bogos.

Finally, since they were still going strong, nine of Lavardaki’s participated in the final race, which he called Three Leagues. And in this game, the Lavardacais are not bad either. The Minime League, made up of Axel Lafontanie, Sacha Roi and Guillaume Touron, took first place. The minor league led by Paul Moreau, Elio Zani and Marla Legac also won the race. Finally, the great trio of Thomas Pescito, Remy Ducos and Teddy Dupuis advanced to third.

So it’s a fairly satisfactory recovery for CKVA as he left with five first places, five vice-champions’ titles, third place and plenty of potential.

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