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This is the third and final Earth Day lecture for the Marco Arts Center. Guest speaker, Mike Savarese, is Professor of Marine Science at the Coastal Watershed Institute at Florida Gulf Coast University. He spoke to a group of anxious residents after one of those classic summer downpours.

The audience heard doomsday words like net zero in 2050. What does it mean? What will our world be like at net zero in 2050? How do we get there?

Professor Mike Savarese, guest speaker, with Hyla Crane, Executive Director of the Marco Center for the Arts.

According to Savarese “the production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide determines the rate of global warming and reducing emissions of these greenhouse gases by 2050 is key to the survival of our children and grandchildren.”

What is the current status of sea level rise in Collier County? According to Savarese, there is a tide gauge at Naples Pier installed by NOAA and has recorded sea level rise since 1960. Looking at the tides recorded over time, it shows about 1/10 of an inch of sea level rise since 1960 (two pieces tide). velveeta cheese).

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The third lecture on sea level rise and its impact on Marco’s crew was the huge crowd.

Doomsday Stats: Do you want to know something really scary? Research has shown that if you melted all the ice in Greenland, sea levels would rise 24 feet and this area of ​​Florida would disappear underwater. If you melted all the ice in Antarctica, sea levels would rise 230 feet and the entire coastal plain of North America would be lost.

On the plus side for Florida, Governor DeSantis signed the 1954 Senate Bill into law in 2021, which is a comprehensive bill that promotes a coordinated approach to Florida’s coastal and inland resilience. This means protecting our inland waterways, coastlines and beaches which serve as an invaluable defense against rising sea levels.

At a more local level, cities and counties can join in collaborative efforts to address climate change impacts such as sea level rise, hurricanes, and coastal erosion.

According to Savarese, we have the Southwest Florida Regional Compact, which is an agreement between the city and county governments in Charlotte, Collier and Lee County with the aim of “developing a regionally consistent approach to the impacts of climate change and to advance local and regional responses to, and preparation for, climate change.” , the projected economic and social disruption as a result of the impacts of climate change.”


BLUE UNDER WATER waves and bubbles

The Compact consists of the following participants:

  • Charlotte, Collier and Lee County
  • Lee County Municipalities: Sanibel, Cape Coral, Estero, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, and Bonita Springs.
  • Captiva . Erosion Prevention District
  • City of Collier County: Naples, City of the Everglades and Marco Island
  • City of Charlotte County Punta Gorda.

Savarese added that most of Florida had joined a group or coalition and 12 municipalities had signed a Memorandum of Understanding and every local government had supported the Alliance. The Alliance has now been operating for a year and has brought in two grants for the region.

However, since this happened, there have been setbacks. In the past six months, Lee and Collier County have today chosen to take time off from the coalition.

Call to Artist: Marco Island Art Center announced the exhibition Call to Artist: “Art Done With or About Technology.” This includes all things digital, including but not limited to digital photography, digital photo manipulation, works created using the new technology of Procreate, Adobe Fresco, illustrator, Photoshop, and other traditional arts depicting technology in traditional forms such as painting with acrylics, oils, or ceramics. Admission for the Call to Artists will take place on August 4, 2022 from 10:00 to 12:00 noon and the exhibition will run until September 5, 2022. Artists of all ages from the community are welcome to participate in this innovative exhibition.

La Petite Galerie features photos of Mara Darrow as she captures stunning images of the beauty of nature and wonders what surrounds us all. Don’t forget to come and see the photos, which are currently on display at the Marco Art Center.


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