Sailing: Vendée Globe Boats Launch 100% Single Season

Halfway between two editions of the solo race around the world, the Vendée Globe boats returned to service on Sunday in Brest with the Guyader Bermudes 1000, the first race of the season dedicated to solo sailing and marked by the Route du Rum.

While 2021 has been played largely in doubles, 2022 will be played alone.

On Sunday, at 2:00 pm, outside Brest Harbour, 24 captains will take off on the third edition of the Guaidar Bermuda 1000, a three-track course through Fastnet (Ireland) over 1,200 nautical miles (2,222 km). The race marks the start of the Imuka circuit, these 18-meter monocoques exclusive to the Vendée Globe.

“We are not going to Bermuda!” Race Director, Jack Karais, gleefully fired during a press conference. “It’s a warm-up race, as the boats recently relaunched. It’s a first for a gallop, and there are a lot of beginners as well.”

The juniors, or juniors, are seven in this version, which scores a post record with a notable board of eight different nationalities.

“There were six of us four years ago in the first edition. The power of class is undeniable, the Vendée Globe has been a hit. It’s a virtuous circle. Good, but at Imoca, we had a picnic,” cheered organizer of the race, Gwen Chapalin.

– Qualified for Rhum Road –

At the starting line, there’s no new boat – a first is expected this summer – but the sailboat that featured mostly during the 2020/2021 Vendée Globe and that returns after getting back into shape, either with its designated sailor, will be in new hands.

Charlie Dallen (Abivia) lines up on the monocoque he finished second in at his last game at the Fendi Globe, waiting for his new boat. Same for Thomas Royant (LinkedOut) and Jeremy Pugh (Charal).

“It’s a great format, we’re in a 100% solo year. It won’t be really easy, we’ll have to do a lot of maneuvers, it’s energy-intensive. It’ll allow us to get back on feet alone”, confirms Beau, who sees Rohm’s road in his sight.

The Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race is a qualifier for the Route du Rhum, a four-year single transatlantic race, which will begin on November 6 in Saint-Malo, in which it is necessary to hike a certain number of nautical miles upstream, alone and only on the boat that will be racing.

– ‘Little chick’ –

In his first race with his new boat, the Swiss Alain Rora (Hublot) is competing against the magnificent former sailboat of Britain’s Alex Thompson.

Just like Damien Seguin (Apicil), who will be racing for the first time the boat that Yannick Bestaven (Master cock) won the Vendée Globe 2020/2021 (in 80 days 3 hours).

“It’s not revolutionary, but it’s still very different from what I had before. You have to find other automatic mechanisms. You have to understand new sensations and continue to get to know the boat in general,” noted Seguin, seventh in the last Vendée Globe and the first disabled sailor to complete his tour. around the world.

For Guirec Soudée (, this will be the first period.

“I am the little chick in this race! At the moment I have five days of navigation, and I have not yet sailed alone,” skidded the sailor, who has made himself known for traveling the seas of the globe for five years in the company of a red hen and discovering competitive sailing.

The winner is expected on Thursday, May 12th.

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