Sailing the “Beautiful Adventure” between Toulon and Calvi!

This sea transportation solution is much more interesting, because in Calvi, as we know, the commercial port has been closed since August 2016.

To clarify this, it is necessary to retreat: on August 11, 2016, at midnight, the activity of the ferry in the port of Calvi was terminated, in agreement with the relevant authorities, after the impossibility of compliance by the manager with the new obligation. Security measures imposed by the government following an attack in Nice.

Since then, the commercial port of Calvi, owned by the Corsica group and operated by the city of Calvi, has been waiting for a solution to resume activity other than ferries.

At the moment, this solution is offered by Sailcoop, which offers this original method of transportation, with strict respect for the environment.

Unprecedented Twenty Hours Crossing Aboard Bavaria 50 Feet With 5 Cabins

For this first purpose, Marie-Laurent Guerini, councilor of the municipality of Calvi, in charge of port affairs, and Antoine Gabrielli, director of the marina of Xavier Colonna, attended to welcome on Monday this crossing preparatory to the official establishment of this sea crossing between Toulon and Calvi, the first presentation to be held on May 6.

On the sailboat, Anna, an apprentice, has some experience with this type of crossing: “Last year I had the same experience with Iliens, which operates a regular sea connection by sailing between Quiberon and Belle-île en Mer, with boats accommodating up to 69 passengers. This year, I find myself in this new adventure that really fascinates me. The sailboats, the Bavaria 50 cruisers, are 50 feet long, with a skipper and two crew members, about fifteen meters in length and can accommodate ten passengers in 5 cabins. The one-way fare is 180 euros. Special rates apply for families, students, residents of Corsica and children without Age 12. This line will operate from May to October. In November, the fleet will then head to the West Indies.

The first crossing of Toulon Calvi, as we have said, will take place on May 6. And at the rate of bookings, Sailcoop will have to boost its fleet. We will have the opportunity to talk about it again during the opening crossing.

Gilbert Gisole


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