Sailing: Red Dolphins are fifth in the Euro offshore in mixed doubles

After winning silver three years in a row, the crew of Sophie Faggett and Jonas Jerkins finished fifth this time: a disappointment.

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to meAfter winning the mixed doubles title outside the European Vice-Champions three years in a row (2019-20-21), the Red Dolphins led by Sophie Faggett and Jonas Jerkins finished fifth which obviously didn’t satisfy them…

Gerkins: “It’s up to us to find the keys to get back to the top”

“We lost our Euro! Once he reached the end of this contested competition aboard the Figaro 3, said Jonas Jerkins, at the finish line in Genoa, after leaving Sardinia and passing through Corsica. “Part one wasn’t bad and our speed was good. We were in the right group. Then we hardened ourselves with our marine option and above all left all the others on the coast! The European Championship podiums series are coming to an end and this is probably the best thing that can happen for us to prepare. For the World Cup in September. It is up to us to find the keys to get back to the top by then.”

There was very little wind throughout the course, which is not the prerogative of red dolphins who prefer “harsh” conditions. But this element does not explain everything. Ahead of the World Cup in September, the Red Dolphins and their coach Benoît Charon promised to analyze this Euro to draw out the best possible lessons in order to better tackle the next big event.

Faggett: ‘This will allow us to question ourselves a lot’

“After a disastrous start, we came back to the match well to come back to regain the lead for a few minutes on the south coast of Corsica,” added disappointed Sophie Faguet. “Then the drama! We left the sea, while we went to the coast. After that, the gaps were too big to get back into the game. That decision was too early when we were wrestling with the head of the fleet, actually. I’m obviously mathematically disappointed. But “I have a feeling we have to go through it to question our performance. It’s over, and we have to work to come back strong and confident at the World Cup.”

This Euro ended with a double from two Italian teams: Cecilia Zorzi and Giovanni de Monaco (European Champion 2021) ahead of Lucille Frascari and Pietro Alli (World Champion 2021), while the bronze went to Spain with Patricia Cantiero and Alejandro Cantre (Spanish Olympic Team).

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