Rugby and shooting make up the event: here are the competitions that will follow in Yun on April 23-24

Among the main sporting events this weekend, we also note the remarkable return of cycling (French Cycling Federation), with the Robert-Genin memorial at Vassy-sous-Bessy (Avalonné). Football, volleyball and tennis in Saint-Julien-du-Sault complete the sports menu.

Saturday 23 April

football. Regional 1: Stade Auxerrois – FC Sens (7pm at Stade de l’Arbre-Sec).

bow throwing. The first round of the French Division 1 Tag Team Championship in Brienon-Sur-Armançon. Qualifiers from 8:30 am, then the first singles and team matches until 6:30 pm.

Singles matches at Brenonet Stadium: for women at 3 pm: Saint Avertin – Brenon. 4.50 pm: Arcis-sur-Aube – Brienon. Among the gentlemen, 3 p.m.: Blagnac – Brienon; 4.50 pm: Nanteuil-Le-Haudoin – Brienon.

excellent Program, Favorites, and Ambitions: Everything You Need to Know About Brienon’s First Round Division 1 Shooting

Sunday 24 April

bow throwing. D1 Tag Team Championship in Brienon-Sur-Armançon (continued). The last matches were played at 8 am.

Brignon singles matches: Women’s, 8 a.m., Rennes – Brignon; 10:10 a.m.: Compiègne – Brienon; 11:45 a.m.: Issy-les-Moulineaux-Brennon.

Gentlemen, 8 a.m.: Donges – Brienon; 10.10 am: Riom – Brienon; 11:45 a.m.: Saint-Mard – Brienon.

football. Zone 1: Avallon FCO – Gueugnon B (3pm Léon-Laurent).

Regional 2: Magny-Abigne (3pm at Stade Jean-François Naudin).

AJ Auxerre D – Dijon USC (3pm, Annex 2 for Abbé-Deschamps Stadium).

FC Sens B – Quetigny B (3pm, Bacary-Sagna Stadium).

Football. Federal 3, Play-offs: RC Auxerrois – US Valreassienne Rugby (3pm at Pierre-Bouillot Stadium).

excellent David Barizott, President of RCA: “There is a certain pride in seeing these young players who have been trusted to succeed”

Tennis. Finals of the tournament organized by the Saltosian Tennis Club in Saint-Julien-de-Sul. The men’s final at 3 p.m., the women’s final at 5 p.m.

Cycling. The seventh memorial to Robert Genin in Vassy-sous-Pisy, organized by VC du Bornant. 3rd Classes – Juniors – Pass’cyclisme Open: Departure at 3 pm (81 km).

Pass’Cyclisme D1 / D2: Departure at 1 pm (62 km).

Pass’Cyclisme D3 / D4, departure at 1:02 pm (56 km).

volleyball. Women’s National 3: Sens Volley 89 B – Besançon (3 p.m. at Roger-Breton Sports Complex).

Find the correct score for Caen-AJA and try to win two spots for AJA-Dunkerque!

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