Rowing: Marine Sansinina wants to continue adding to its list of prizes

French multi-champion Marin Sancinina moved to Rhodes a year and a half ago and still has big ambitions.

The Sansinina Marines arrived at Rodez a year and a half ago, and they strengthened the ranks of the ASPTT. She is 30 years old, and her native Dijon has completed her entire sports career in Burgundy. His story with blasphemy is unusual to say the least. “I was afraid of the water, my mother insisted I join the ASPTT Dijon club in the kayak section, my brother was fired and I found the weather very nice”says the interested party.

Soon, Marine Sansinina got involved in the game.In 2002, at the age of eleven, she rode a kayak for the first time. “It was better for me, I was away from the water”, kidding. Then she tried a few of all the disciplines, before turning to kayaking in 2007. “I went faster, because I felt more comfortable riding a kayak”are comments.

Evidence of this progress, the results were not long in coming. His first French championship, in 2010, ended with the first. Four more national titles followed, in 2014, 2015, 2018, and 2019. As a pioneer in women’s rowing, the Burgundian pursued what would become her specialty: the marathon. The performances were restricted to a bronze medal at the 2015 World Championships.

Sansinina Marines then moved to shorter distances to compete in the Olympics. “In 2016, a few months before Rio, we were told that the marathon would not be part of the programme, but it would be in 2020.”, are reports. Then I switched to the 200 and 500 races for Olympic competition. “It Wasn’t Easy With My Marathon Runner Poster”summarize.

Olympic goals thwarted last year

After the games, in 2017, Dijon’s returned to what suited her: the marathon. She enriched her record with a silver medal at the 2019 European Championships. Then Marin Sansinina aimed to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. But between the numerous disruptions in training, the truncated preparation or even the postponement of the competition for a year due to the Covid epidemic, the manager, like other French women, erred.

Marin Sansinina, a Ruthenian for a year and a half, joined her Rhodes buddy, quitting her job and her burgundy club. Reconciling her sporting ambitions with her new life in Ruthenia is not easy, but the multiple French champion believes in it. Three times a week she goes to Pareloup, on her own, to perfect her preparation despite the temperatures that don’t put a duck on the water. Currently, in the afternoon, she works out after work, often with her buddy, and requires three muscle sessions a week at ASPTT, her club. “In the winter, I juggle the temperatures, the lake, running, and the gymas you say. I select sessions by time. I also have equipment at home to complete my preparation.”

Marine maintains her ambitions, to remain on the French marathon team. I have already checked April 30, the date of selection. This is followed by the European Championships in early July in Denmark, then the French Championships at the end of September in Lotte to conclude the year with the World Championships in October in Portugal.

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