Rowing: Boris Neveu guarantees his choice in Vaires-sur-Marne and wins it

In the arrival area of ​​the Vaires-sur-Marne Olympic Basin (Seine-et-Marne), Boris Neveu shows a candid smile. The boat from Bagnères-de-Bigorre has just won its first race final (out of three races in total as of Monday). Benefiting from the bonus (tied for the final win) on his 2021 world title, he is already guaranteed to be selected for the French national team for the 2022 international season.

“It’s the perfect scenario, yes, attached. We can always tell ourselves that it was good to go after qualification, but the point of the selections is to succeed. I was ready to fight until Monday (end of race 3) But this is good as it is. On selections, we could be the world champion, and we have everything to lose. »

“I was in a good dynamic, I was always on the right international bandwagon last year.”

Boris Nephew before the competition.

“And even if you are happy to receive a reward, continue, You know that nothing is certain, and nothing is guaranteed. You even say to yourself, “If I don’t get a reward, I’m going to look stupid.” It puts a little extra pressure on you. Yesterday, I started going around in circles a little bit. I said to myself, “Okay, we put everything down, we go and focus.” »

Although the French captain in single-seater kayaks, Boris Neveu was wary of the competition, which was especially sharp. “I was in a good dynamic, I was always in the international proper bandwagon last year, Note before the competition. But the choices are private, you expect to fight. Especially since there is density in K1 with men like Mathieu Biazizzo, Benjamin Renia, Anatole Delassus, Mathurin Madoré and Malo Quemeneur. »

Paris 2024 in the viewfinder

“It’s up to me to take matters into my own hands to keep my place.”, he added. It was done in style. He can now think about the future, and look at the calendar with his coach, Benoit Bechet. “I will be able to settle down a bit and organize the rest of my preparations in order to be strong in July to retain my world title in Augsburg. It will not be easy because it is a basin that everyone knows and where the Germans are very strong. I can’t wait to be there.”

In the long term, Boris Neveu aims to hold the Paris 2024 Championship, with the ambition to do better than was the case in Tokyo (7th place). “In Tokyo, I did not witness a real Olympics due to the absence of the audience and my relatives, Throw. It will be a real sports festival in Paris. It would be nice to live, and if I chose myself, my goal would be to win a medal. And I’m leading a dual project with my commitment to zigzag Extreme (The New Olympic Discipline)-This doubles my chances! »


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