Rowing: a big touch from Berne in the French national team

Boris Nephew, simple and witty

Race, victory, choice. Byzantine Boris Nevo could not have dreamed of a better scenario. Having reached the position of leader, the world champion in rowing never left him during the Ile-de-France selections. With the bonus of boosting his planetary medal, two starts were enough for the Olympic representative (seventh in Tokyo), to secure the French team’s succession: the first during qualifying (the third) and the second during the first race he won. An indelible smile after cutting the line, Béarnais-adopted savored: “These are never fun races. There is a lot of betting and competition so I was willing to stay until the end. I’m really satisfied! Another newest gold medalist, at Junior Worlds this time, An uproar.Tetouan Kastrek, aged, won the second race by more than two seconds from his first chaser before scoring as runner-up for Malou Kemnor, the third athlete selected, on Monday.On the other hand, disappointment on Bernet’s part: Anatole Delassus still remains flirting his first big cap like last year.With two podiums, Palois secured her place among the U23s.A more favorable position than Benjamin Renia.PCKCU member misses the boat with 50secs of penalty kicks awarded in Races 2 and 3. Meanwhile, Orthizian Pierre-Louis Socero managed to reach two finals, the last of which unfortunately ended in a loss for Pap.But his performance allows him to combine the U23 group.

Dennis Gargod is almost untouchable

With two wins in the first two races, Rio Olympic champion Denis Gargod-Chanute also earned his napkin ring on the table of the top French, despite being a bit frustrated by Nicolas Justin’s great time. Multiple medal winner in the youth categories, the under-23 world champion, who was credited with a two-second shootout to shock Pap in the middle of the course, finished third in Race 1. But his time showed more than a second and a half ahead of licensed Marseille Mazargue. Then Justin won on Monday after a frantic end against Mewen Debliquy and Jules Bernardet. Despite the ethereal flight and more than three seconds of payback in the second middle, Béarnais by embracing Bernardet, author of two touches on the last two doors, let his first pick slip by a thread. Accident victim, Martin Thomas, has a broken wrist that can’t line up with the competition (read elsewhere).

Camille Pregent, the rising star

Like Denis Gargaud-Chanut, in the women’s kayak, Camille Pregent completed her first set ticket in just two races. Already the winner in the first round, the kayaker won only four hundred ahead of Lucy Bodeau (he was not selected by two sixths). She will share starts on the international circuit with her cousin Roman Pregent (second in races 1 and 3) and Emma Vuitton in a very consistent fashion with three podiums including a win that allows the 19-year-old kayaker to hang her first head in a senior team. Tokyo Olympic representative, Orthézienne Marie-Zelia Lafont made several mistakes in this contested category (one hit in race 1, two in race 2) to qualify for a fresh selection.

Margo is getting hot

In the C1 women’s, we had to wait until the last minute to find out which brelan d’As formula will represent France at the European and World Championships in a few weeks. The last second of the competition itself. With three podiums including one win, Lucy Bodeau won in the single-seater canoe. Fourth place in race 1 and 2 in race 3, Laurène Roisin also joined Les Bleues after choosing between Fanchon Janssen and… Marjorie Delassus. La Paloise, who finished fourth at the Tokyo Olympics, was somewhat self-employed. Unable to reach the first final due to a lack of a gate in qualifying, the client quickly corrected the bar by winning Race 2 on Sunday. On Monday evening, the last start, and now without the Joker, she indicated first in the lead before the key sequence: five in total, from midway to end. Enough to bring her down to sixth place, the fateful threshold beyond which she can no longer be chosen… However, as race 1 winner, Angèle Hug was unable to reach the finals on Sunday and Monday. PCKCU licensed Lauren Salles, on the other hand, secured her entry to the U23 collegiate while Rosmarina Estanguet joined the U18s.

Selection results

Selected boats (men)
Big : nephew of BorisTituan Kastrik and Malo Kimnor
U23: Anatole Delassus, Pierre-Louis Socero Simon Heaney
U18: Titouan Castrick, Hugo Mons and Theo Ribe
The Chosen Ones in the Canoe (Men)
Big : Denise Jargod ChanuteNicolas Justin and Myoene Diplicoy
U23: Nicolas Justin Jules Bernardette and Mewen Debliquy
U18: Martin Cornu, Quentin Melfer and Clément Protier
Selected boats (women)
Senior: Camille Pregent, Emma Vuitton And Roman Pregent
U23: Emma VuittonAnd Roman Pregent And Angelie Hough
U18: Series Papin, Clara Delahey and Nina Pesci Rowe
The Chosen Ones in Kanoi (women)
Senior: Lucy Bodo, Marjorie Delassus and Laurene Roisin
U23: Laurene Roisin, Lauren Sales And Fanchun Jansen
Under 18: Nahia Oteza, Zoe Lauren Rozmarina Estanguet

Martin Thomas is a victim of a car accident

While going to the Naval Stadium by bike last Thursday, before the selections started, Martin Thomas fell with a car. With a left wrist fracture, this accident brought a brutal halt to the French international’s season, fifth in the Tokyo Olympics in C1, whose agenda was conditioned on the outcome of the three races at the weekend. The same injury had already denied him the world championship in 2015. However, he should be able to resume his paddle in a few weeks. It remains to be seen if his forgiveness will be in line with his participation in a few rounds of this year’s World Cup.

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