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Cannes 2022: Charlotte Wells demonstrates her full potential as a filmmaker with a delicate, sensitive and highly disciplined feature on the feasts of a divorced father and 11-year-old daughter

Francesca Corio and Paul Mescal in after the sun

Take in a very classic theme of British social realism and manage to infuse it with a personal and original signature by taking the time to reveal the full extent of her directorial gifts and what runs in the background between the two characters. With his first feature film, after the sunin competition at the Critics’ Week of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, L’Cozy Charlotte Wells Immediately imposing a unique sound full of subtlety and supreme sensitivity, it is not surprising in this respect to note among the main producers the company co-founded by Barry Jenkins.

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“I just turned 11 and will be 31 in a couple of days.” Sophia (Francesca Corio) and his father Callum (Irish Paul Mescalon the rise since the series Ordinary people) Share a few days of summer vacation at a not so charming little “resort” in Turkey. Callum has been separated for a long time from Sophie’s mother and no longer even lives in Edinburgh, but in London, Callum wears the mask of a kind father, but behind his kindness, sense of humor, and his efforts to ensure that the stay is marked by happiness.Ordinary family (eating ice cream, sunbathing) Poolside, diving, playing filming himself with miniDV), an aura of sadness enveloping the young man, a deep inner fracture, not only economic (inability to show is better) but above all existential, gradually penetrated by her daughter, as she herself enters her first curiosity Teen.

Because in Sophie’s eyes it’s all about love, the connections to (re)weaves, and the memories to revisit (the movie was cleverly and cleverly created in a flashback) with this awkward protective dad, his weird tai chi moves and bedside books how to meditate And Poems, stories and writing (from Margaret Tate who was also a symbolic director in the history of Scottish cinema and a great traveler, which is clearly no coincidence). The main thing is to try to understand the language of the other, who the other is, and to share the same sky if not the same space.

Perfect performance, precision and creativity in gradation, sense of rhythm, light and frame, delicate sensitivity, a small “crossover” and a skilful reflection of the main narrative theme of the film passed from father to daughter, a harmonious weaving of symbols and patterns that tell different things: under its “vulgar” appearance, after the sun It’s a really cool feature for the first time.

Produced by Pastel (American Director’s Company Barry Jenkins) and the unified theory, after the sun It is sold internationally by Charades.

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